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of, from, like, or being a god or God

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characterized by divine or godlike nature

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Again this event confirmed the deific vision of Khomeini in envisioning the success of the Shiite state in Iran.
Initially, wanting nothing more than to follow in the footsteps of her deific uncle, Tambu aspires to a selfhood framed by the cognates that constitute her uncle: "goodness-stoicism-righteousness.
The "whisp'ring fan" of line ten picks up graphically and sonically on the "fainting" observer, who almost misses the brooklet but sees and documents the deific lovers.
One must cross the boundaries of definitions and transcend the finiteness of conclusions, to lose his own being as a creation and to reach the deific state, in which man loses himself in God, who is in the final instance the Ineffable, Nothing, and Silence.
Commenting on the recitation as a symptom of the idolizing of words per se as opposed to looking for meaning, giving the deific hieroglyphics of Pharonic Egypt as an example, he said that monitoring of people's behavior rather than appreciating what went on in their hearts characterized many societies.
Doctoral theses have been written on the significance of the colors, likening them to orishas, the female deific energies of Oshun, Yemaya, Oya.
3) Loy does not associate the deific or sovereign with the act of communication; hers is a self-sufficient, secular view of the word.
And Fiddes, careful biblical scholar that he is, tends to downplay the original fall because of the "startling failure to refer back to the story when biblical writers are reflecting upon the human predicament" (49), and because he wants to emphasize our continued experience of freedom and limitation, the legacy of our deific and earthy beginnings.
The stigmata appeared either 1) via deific intervention, 2) as a result of the physical agency of the stigmatic, either consciously or unconsciously or, 3) stemming from a "neurological and systematic" etiology that corresponded to the "learnings and beliefs" of the sufferings of Christ and the location of his wounds that identified an extreme psychological identification with Jesus, somehow leading to "psychosomatic bodily changes.
Whether you consider these deific characterizations more the work of Obama's enemies or his friends, certainly they explain much of the fear evoked by his administration.
I'm reminded of the seemingly various and often sexual, deific origins of art--Etruscan fertility sculptures, cave paintings at Lascaux--and also of a remark by Jasper Johns: Sometimes I see it then paint it, sometimes I paint it then see it.
Further, the communion of man and dog (Morrison characterizes it as "Language in a time when men and dogs did talk to one another") echoes the maenads' ceremonial eating of animal flesh to ingest the deific life-force (278).
In the third poem, "Chanting the Square Deific," Whitman addresses what William James termed "the varieties of religious experience" (158) through an acknowledgment of the vastness of concepts of God.
5) Nietzsche saw that deific substitutes were, for now, imperative.
The home site was purchased for $65,000 in November 2005 from Deific Timber Corp.