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The difference between these two reactions is that the requirement of geometrical morphology on cyclodehydrogenation reaction is stricter than dehydrogenation reactions in the process of cyclization, because the angle and distance need to be satisfied simultaneously during the cyclodehydrogenation.
However, dehydrogenation reaction between porphine and edge of graphene occurs following different reaction pathways depending on the catalysis of substrate (Figure 3(a)) [10], because different reaction pathways may be activated at the same time with no obvious discrepancy in trigger temperature.
In addition, the metal substrate not only serves as a support of low dimensional nanostructures, but also decreases the activation energy of dehydrogenation, leading to more participants in the process of coupling after C-H bond being separated [19-22].
Apart from the typical triply dehydrogenation actions, the main feature of Glaser coupling is to cleave C-H bond, a part of alkynyl.
The greatest advantage of dehydrogenation reaction is that the byproduct H atom obtained during the C-H bond dissociation is easy to get rid of as [H.sub.2] gas, so the quality of ordered nanostructure is hardly affected by H atom.