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remove hydrogen from

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Metabolite M8 was observed at m/z 231 [[M + H].sup.+] and also considered as a dehydrogenate. The MS spectrum showed a product ion at m/z 203, which was generated from m/z 231 by loss of CO.
Another likely route to olefin formation can be described in terms of the H- abstraction capability of transition metal ions, as described for copper [35] where Cu (II) ions effectively dehydrogenate alkyl radicals yielding olefins:
Few samples recorded higher dehydrogenate activity in the range of greater than 2.0 g TPF g-1 hr- 1 and were distributed in less than 2% frequency range.
duodenalis cysts that were present in the samples was performed through amplification and sequencing of a fragment of the glutamate dehydrogenate gene (GDH) [34].
We purchased antibodies against GPR30, ER-[alpha], and glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenate (GAPDH) from Cell Signaling Technology Inc.
It is important to note that it is possible to dehydrogenate simple metal hydrides (i.e.