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Synonyms for dehydration

dryness resulting from the removal of water

depletion of bodily fluids

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Therefore, dehydration headaches cannot be called a primary headache since the pain could often be accompanied by irritability and lack of focus.
READ: Metro Manila heat index reaches 40.4C With this kind of heat, a lot of us can easily be prone to dehydration.
Especially through the hottest points within the day, commuting in cramped transportation vehicles can put you at risk of dehydration. Lack of airflow could also cause you to feel discomfort, stress, and tiredness.
A 2014 ( study on the link between caffeine and dehydration also stated that moderate daily intake of caffeinated drinks will not cause dehydration.
Similarly, the ever flourishing well established spices industry of Bannu can benefit a lot from quality oriented condiments and vegetable dehydration plants.
Other dehydration risk factors are diseases accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting, high fever or increase in urine flow,he added.
Another myth to debunk is the common belief that water is the only source of hydration, when in fact, there are a number of food and beverages that can be used to counter dehydration like fruits and vegetables, as well as tea, fruit-flavored drinks, coffee, and milk.
Dehydration can cause serious complications, from mild cramps to a life-threatening heat stroke.
Ms Maphorisa said from 9-15 September, they recorded 1097 cases of diarrhea with dehydration, 61 with blood and 3461 diarrhea without dehydration resulting in six deaths.
OUR own Glenn McCrory has addressed a British Boxing Board of Control meeting of top trainers about the dangers of dehydration.
[USA], Aug 22 (ANI): According to a recent research, dehydration alters human brain shape and activity and even slackens task performance.
Conversely, no football player has ever been known to die from dehydration, although seven died during this same four-year period from heatstroke, which may be related, but not always.
Last summer over 270 patients were treated at Hamad General Hospital's Emergency Department for heat exhaustion and dehydration. Doctors at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) are warning the public about the risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion, noting that mild to moderate dehydration can normally be reversed by drinking more fluids, but that severe cases require immediate medical treatment.
To develop methods to preserve recalcitrant seeds, it is essential to understand the mechanism of sensitivity of these seeds to dehydration treatment.