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Synonyms for dehydrated

suffering from excessive loss of water from the body

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preserved by removing natural moisture

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The allegations include claims that doctors witheld drips from dehydrated patients - victims of strokes, asthma, and other common conditions - who died of thirst.
When an individual is dehydrated, the circulatory system cannot meet the demands of the body.
We were left even more dehydrated, lying on the ground like dunces, stinking of urine.
As mentioned above, official foreign trade statistics on dried and dehydrated tropical fruit are not available, but trade estimates of imports into individual markets are given in the study.
Because the optical fiber is pulled rapidly from a furnace at 2200 |degrees~ C, at which temperature the silica is dehydrated, we are particularly interested in the deposition of monolayers on dehydrated and rehydrated silica.
is testing a low-sodium version of its popular Italian-style Progresso soup, and Lipton, the top-ranked dehydrated soup marketer, is offering Lipton Lite.
Its SIC equivalent codes are: 2034 - Dried and Dehydrated Fruits, Vegetables and Soup Mixes (except vegetable flour and soup mixes made from purchased dried and dehydrated ingredients); and 2099 - Food Preparations, NEC (bouillon and potatoes dried and packaged with other ingredients produced in dehydrating plants).
He is dehydrated and suffering from exposure but otherwise fine," a police spokesman said.
This treatment, which targets the top woes of dehydrated skin, tones, revitalizes and restores its radiance.
The present study aimed at including a dehydrated mixture of salmon (20%) and tilapia (80%) in a spinach cake and assessing its proximate composition, sensory and microbiological characteristics.
As the co-owner of Pantry Stuffers, I purchase lots of dehydrated, freeze-dried, and powdered food products that we use for testing (and testing and testing) new recipes for books in progress--and packaging the mixes we sell.
A BOY of four was so dehydrated in hospital he sucked the moisture from wet wipes, an inquest heard yesterday.
FRAZZLED HAIR Symptoms: Frizzy texture, split ends and a dehydrated mane thanks to UV exposure and excessive heat.
Al Said Al Shafey, the principal investigator of the research project, said they could extract novel dehydrated and activated carbons from date palm leaflets, which is a cheap and sustainable resource in Oman, Gulf News reported.
AA great way to tell if you're dehydrated or hydrated is by using the colour of your urine as an indicator.