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make less humid

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The dehumidified air is then heated to a higher temperature, which lowers the air's relative humidity.
Delivering the dehumidified outdoor air at a neutral dry-bulb temperature can simplify control because it has no impact on the zone sensible cooling or heating loads.
ATP surveyed the job and installed a desiccant humidity control system creating a vapour barrier across the door that also dehumidified the adjacent area.
It also specialises in archive document storage and retrieval in dehumidified archive storage rooms, mobile shelving and/or archive storage containers.
The process uses propane-powered portable heaters and air blowers to inject dehumidified air into affected spaces, raising the temperature up 160 degrees for several days.
Fresh filtered air, 85% free of particulates, continuously humidified or dehumidified (depending on season);
Developed by E-Therm, an environmental remediation company based in Ventura, California, the ThermaPureHeat processes uses superheated, dehumidified air to disinfect, decontaminate and dry out buildings.
Most of the classroom buildings and dormitories affected by wind damage or water have been cleaned, dehumidified and treated for mildew and mold.
It is essential to keep your house dry (dehumidified) and air conditioned (or heated) when the humidity is above 58% outside.
The HVAC system includes a refrigerant heat recovery system that collects cold air that escapes from refrigerated cases and shunts it to a desiccant wheel on the roof, where it is dehumidified. The warmer, drier air is then sent to diffusers above the refrigeration cases.
A DOAS provides the exact amount of dehumidified ventilation air required in each part of a building.
The machine would probably be located behind one of the end zones, with a hose extending to each bench to provide the dehumidified air for players who have the vests.
The optional air conditioner provides a cool, dehumidified environment for electronic equipment with a "closed-loop" design.
Although dancers differ in their individual responses to lengthy dance schedules and the decreased sunlight, dehumidified air, and hot stage lights of artificial environments, how they manage nourishment during intense dance periods will leave telltale signs.
Recognising its historic importance, he always garaged the E-type in a dehumidified garage, regularly maintained it and drove it only 200 to 300 miles a year in subsequent years.