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Synonyms for dehumanize

deprive of human qualities

make mechanical or routine


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Pfeiffer's compelling phrase, "Technology is already deep inside you," recalls Walter Benjamin's notion that the movie camera performs an invasive surgical procedure, that film dehumanizes the actors, whose movements are edited, chopped up, and rebuilt.
She steers away from attempts at academic language and shuns the idea of impersonal "anthropological" discourse that dehumanizes and objectifies.
Arguing that we have consistently and seriously over-glamorized war, Linderman describes combat as a "disintegrative experience" that dehumanizes and demeans soldiers.
"It degrades and dehumanizes women and pubicly portrays them in a servile and humiliating manner as sexual objects," Ontario Chief Justice Charles Dubin wrote on behalf of the court.
Indeed, Brownfield not only comes to accept the South but develops a perverse love of the world which dehumanizes him.
124:2), is a term that dehumanizes the men concerned and lessens the horror.
The death penalty dehumanizes us, not the killers; it brutalizes us as a society.
By Mazin Qumsiyeh It is clear that oppressors spend an inordinate amount of time andresources to dehumanize their victims.