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Synonyms for dehumanized

divested of human qualities or attributes

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The Details piece dehumanized gay Asians, both as gay people and as people of color, exoticizing their "ladyboy fingers" and "sashimismooth chests." The magazine vandalized an entire community of color, making jokes about our citizenship status and class.
The economic systems of the West and the North dehumanized the peoples of the South.
Abortion survivors live in a closed, unreal, dehumanized world, communicating with code words and through cyberspace.
Dehumanized and made abstract through technologically generated images, the human suffering caused by lethal weapons is being depicted as if it were merely a computer simulation, as if men, women and children who were walking on Abu Talib Street in Baghdad a day ago and who have now been charred beyond recognition were not real human beings with feelings, desires and aspirations, but merely caricatures designed by a computer graphics program.
In other words, the imprint is part of a vastly bigger and no doubt far more dehumanized corporate structure than is Oprah's Book Club, which is more an idea than a holding company like Holtz-brinck.
"Descendants of slaves, whose ancestors were defined as private property, dehumanized, divided from their families, forced to perform labor without appropriate compensation or benefits, and whose ancestors' owners were compensated for damages by insurers, are entitled to full disclosure."
Likewise, when you are dehumanized, inexorably, I am dehumanized as well.
The twenty-one titles sound like biblical references/but somehow their pictorializations lack gravitas; they're mere acrobatic assemblages, darkly lit and often dehumanized. What we see repeatedly, as the performers cavort in nudelike body stockings, are bent-over dancers, their legs straightened and facing upstage (with torsos out of sight)--like the hindquarter view of horses standing.