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Synonyms for dehumanize

deprive of human qualities

make mechanical or routine


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Disparaging statements like this are meant to dehumanize Palestinians and distract from the Israeli crimes committed against our people on a daily basis, especially in Area C," Dajani said.
To dehumanize people is always to demote them in a presupposed natural hierarchy.
It made me consider the Christian Far Right's attempts to dehumanize gay and lesbian people.
Instead, the petitioners are asking the government to establish three service areas in East, Central, and West Montreal that "would ensure continuity of specialized and personalized quality services structured on a human scale, contrary to a single megacenter that would dehumanize services and alter the foundations of the network and existing users committees, as well as undermine labor union gains.
They dehumanize and demonize their victims in a racialized vocabulary of white bigotry, using terms such as "venom," detritus," and "satanic" (4, 7).
Once systematized into faith, religion (theistic religion anyway) leads its followers to dehumanize non-believers and heretics, to ignore or even enjoy their pain, to devalue earthly life and fantasize about a delusional afterlife.
All are efforts to dehumanize God's greatest creation, the human being.
I suggest that there is much more at work in this passage than attempting to dehumanize or show the guilt of the passengers.
Clinton said Srebrenica would remind ``every child in the world that pride in our own religious or ethnic heritage does not require or permit us to dehumanize or kill those who are different''.
It addresses a very real failing of modern environmentalism, which for all its virtues, tends to dehumanize and metaphorically depopulate.
Kaser accepts that financial issues are a large part of the policy process, she believes that discussions about reimbursements and tax credits dehumanize the central issues of long-term care.
The absence of clothing during the forced migration of Africans in the transatlantic slave trade and during slavery was a way to dehumanize slaves, particularly slave women.
Farrell quoted Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, who said, "To dehumanize another is to dehumanize ourselves.
If you dehumanize the people you don't like by calling them alien invaders rather than people, it's a lot easier to get rid of them.
I dwell on this density because not only does such writing obfuscate and distance us from what Rice wants to say, but it tends also to dehumanize the lives and sufferings and achievements of his subjects--African slaves and their descendants.