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Synonyms for dehumanise

deprive of human qualities

make mechanical or routine


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For me, part of the issue we have in trying to source sustainably or ethically is that we dehumanise our supply chain like it s just a list of number on a piece of paper.
For far too long, the debate about the refugee crisis has been skewed by poisonous language designed to dehumanise those fleeing the severest forms of persecution.
Bowker explains, "I have long been interested in how we use labels to limit the people we are describing - even, at worse, to dehumanise them.
Criminals who dehumanise vulnerable people and exploit them for profit must be stopped.
They dehumanise and degrade people who are already struggling to survive and serve merely to provide a smoke screen for the Government's utter failure to address the growing gap between rich and poor.
Never again will I sympathise with the Jewish people while they allow their government to dehumanise and abuse the Palestinian civilians.
You dehumanise with pen and paper and turn neighbour against neighbour.
That can to a degree dehumanise how that care is delivered.
The thinly veiled hatred of his fellow man demonstrated in Mr Cole's letter reminds us only too well of the misguided beliefs and values of all of those who would seek to dehumanise any group of people.
We must not dehumanise people in the way of David Cameron, with his cold-hearted, politically motivated "swarm" insult.
History has taught us that the first step to mistreat, or get rid of people is to dehumanise them, or treat them as sub-human.
Defence counsel Tom Mesereau said the prosecution had made a "barbaric" bid to dehumanise the star.
Speaking during the first ever albino photography exhibition tagged 'Angels Among Men' put together by a documentary photographer, Damilola Onafuwa, in Lagos, displaying the shots of over 20 albinos,She said that 'stigmatisation dehumanises albinos more than melanin absence' adding that it cripples their creative geniuses, forcing them to recoil into their shells instead of reaching their 'maximum potential'
By merely pronouncing Triple Talaq verbally or through social media is sinful because the man violates the sanctity of marriage and dehumanises the woman.
Here again Tarling's promised dialogue with Said never really materialises, other than his conclusion that opera never dehumanises the East, but rather emphasises ".