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the act of degrading people with respect to their best qualities

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We do not have to look far to see dehumanisation occur.
"There have been so many killings and a lot of dehumanisation. This week, a husband and wife decided to kill their child.
Blatant dehumanisation was found to be more common among thinner participants.
To understand how the uprising led to such a violent situation, the descriptors of 'moral exclusion', 'moral disengagement' and 'dehumanisation' become relevant.
It's a stylistically daring poetic project about the dehumanisation of those deemed outsiders - we found it exhilarating and genuinely transformative."
Politicians and the press will further accelerate the demonisation of disabled people, and antidisabled hate crimes will soar as the toxic dehumanisation of vulnerable groups continues.
DEAR Editor, Why cannot the present reactionary Israeli government understand that many of us here in the West see an unfortunate parallel between the Holocaust and their own dehumanisation and ill-treatment of the former Arab occupants of what was once Palestine and what has now became Gaza and the (Israelioccupied) West Bank?
It is this that is and will always be significant: state law facilitates the dehumanisation of our people.
He was unavailable for comment last night But BNP leader Nick Griffin, who was out canvassing with him shortly before the incident, said they had been the victims of a "campaign of hatred and dehumanisation".
For the older reader is the chill of knowing that one future of reality television could indeed be just like this, with bets being laid on the lethal strategies of contenders and the dehumanisation of the tributes being taken to a literal climax.
Delegates at the first West African conference of the African Socialist International in Freetown, Sierra Leone, insisted that it is long overdue for the West to pay for the "heinous crimes committed against Africans for our enslavement and dehumanisation".
Only the equally repugnant process of curtailing civil liberties matches the process of dehumanisation. Hand-in-hand these methodical operations have resulted in a breed of lexicons, which are used to hide gross human rights violations:
The scale and the deliberate dehumanisation of millions of people - I can't even begin to imagine the horror."
Human rights organisations, the UN, African Union, etc--all have to do something to bring change and an end to the dehumanisation of these people.