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prevent the growth of horns of certain animals

take the horns off (an animal)

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State parks will never be able to afford to dehorn every rhino, so their territories will be much more rewarding for poachers, says Cathy Dean, director of Save the Rhino, an international rhino conservation group.
Our target is to dehorn every single adult rhino and to ear-notch the young ones for record-keeping," Lisa Marabini, director for the conservation group Aware Trust Zimbabwe, told (http://www.
19 Where: Holistic Self Care Center, Nashua Cost: $297 Contact: Dehorn McLaughlin, 603-589-4008, realworldleadersinstitute.
If you had a decision to make about what day to castrate or dehorn your livestock, the signs indicated which days were the safest.
They may not be put to death, but introduce to him some justice which would be good for him and dehorn him.
A horned breed, they have dramatic white horns tipped in black at maturity, although same owners choose to dehorn their animals for safety reasons.