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6) El-Begermy and Rabie report a series of 7 patients who underwent the repair of a high dehiscent jugular bulb with multilayer reconstruction, including bone dust, perichondrium, and tragal cartilage.
Thus far, previous studies on the incidence of these anomalies and variants of venous PT have notable limitations; they used small sample sizes and did not include several recently described venous PT anomalies, such as a dehiscent sigmoid plate and petrosquamosal sinus.
At the end of season, plants were harvested and their lint + seeds from dehiscent capsule (cotton) were collected and weighed.
This cactus has dehiscent, green, apical fruits with small seeds corresponding to bat dispersal syndrome (sensu van der Pijl, 1982).
In addition to pistil growth, torsion of the stamens was observed, positioning the dehiscent side of the anthers toward the flower's exterior, as reported in other studies on rapeseed (Mussury and Fernandes, 2000; Rosa et al.
1,2,5) The bony covering of the optic canal within the sphenoid sinus may be congenitally dehiscent or secondary to an erosive inflammatory process.
In addition, there were one each of the following; pneumatized supreme turbinate, pneumatized crystagalli, dehiscent roof of frontal sinus, rudimentary right maxillary sinus, absent inter sphenoid septum, pneumatized septum and rudimentary frontal sinus.
Carstens himself had performed single layer closure of post dehiscent defect of 2 cm in diameter and it was successful.
5 mm, dehiscent by pores 1/3-1/2 the length of the thecae, spurs 0.
At surgery, a 1x1 cm dehiscent area in the right sphenoid sinus was present.