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burst or split open

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the dehisced anthers and receptive stigma, iii) adherence of pollen grains to the body of the visitor, iv) role of the visitor in pollen deposition over conspecific stigma in controlled pollination experiment.
The number of juvenile archegonia of W extenuata peaked in autumn, which was followed by a peak in number of immature archegonia in winter, then a peak in number of mature archegonia in winter and spring and, lastly, a peak in number of dehisced archegonia in summer.
However, it was found that the implant had slipped interiorly from its original position, and it was now visible through the dehisced wound.
The seeds were dehisced and ground using a laboratory food grinder (Guangzhou Xulang Machinery China) before used.
The wound was considered to be dehisced if there was gaping along the entire incision
Consequently, seeds that dehisced during November-December showed the maximum fall during January.
dehisced sternal and caesarean section wounds or infected vascular grafts in the groin).
The next day, the bags were removed and the stigmas were brushed with the freshly dehisced anthers from the flowers of the same tree and re-bagged to know whether fruit set occurs through geitonogamy.
Pollen from species representing all Xyridaceae genera were examined (Table 1) from samples obtained from dehisced herbarium specimen anthers or from liquid preserved specimens housed at the New York Botanical Garden (fixed in FPA and later transferred to 70% ethanol; Johansen, 1940).
Table 1 Indications for TNP therapy 1 Diabetic foot wounds 2 Acute and traumatic wounds 3 Dehisced surgical wounds 4 Partial-thickness burns 5 Flaps and grafts 6 Chronic wounds 7 Pressure ulcers Table 2 Contraindications for TNP therapy 1 Malignancy in the wound 2 Untreated osteomyelitis 3 Unexplored fistulae 4 Necrotic tissue with eschar present 5 Exposed organs and blood vessels Table 3 Indicators for caution with TNP therapy 1 Poor haemostasis 2 Anticoagulants 3 Platelet aggregation inhibitors Use of TNPT in perioperative practice
By electron microscopy, the light chain casts are highly electron dense and may exhibit sharp edges, geometric shapes, and cellular reaction by dehisced tubular epithelial cells, infiltrating leukocytes, and giant cells.
This also has been observed in eastern Nuevo Leon, Mexico, where summer rains dislodged seeds from dehisced fruit and created flow of water among adult plants such that seeds were transported by water.
Specific wounds the device is designed to manage are chronic, acute, traumatic, subacute and dehisced wounds, partial-thickness bums, diabetic and pressure ulcers, flaps, and grafts, extriCARE can be used in acute hospital settings, wound clinics, nursing homes, and inside the home under supervision of a trained healthcare professional, according to the company.