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burst or split open

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At the end of the fruit-development-stage (~ 45-50 days) over 95% of the fruits start to dehisce and crack (Fig.
Pod maturation is complete by August and seeds disperse as pods dehisce.
When large enough bites of tissue are taken, the cuff will heal nicely and will not dehisce unless there is infection or tissue compromise.
The vitreous may separate at this stage to give a PVD, but if not, then the fovea may dehisce to give a small hole--the stage II full-thickness macular hole (FTMH).
Yellow scutella will disperse but, based on mechanical manipulation with a pencil, require more force to dehisce than brown scutella.
halys in his region of study (Akita Prefecture, Japan) cannot develop into adults or lay eggs by feeding on Japanese cedar cones because cones do not dehisce until Oct.
A third factor in the fruiting process, BMP, is the length of time from anthesis until the boll opens, defined as when the sutures dehisce, exposing the seed cotton and resulting in the drying of lint and seeds.
Carina Round -The Disconnection (Dehisce)Two years on from the Wolverhampton-born singer-songwriter's blistering debut album The First Blood Mystery, the follow up is no less intense an experience.
Low Hill, Wolverhampton ALBUM: The Disconnection (Dehisce) FORM: Debut album The First Blood Mystery won rave reviews.
Nearly all galls dehisce by late August and overwinter in the leaf litter.
s forecASTle Cell flaCCid aCE whenCESoever PSalm See sarSAparilla SCent dehiSCE SCHism baSE uSED to ...
Carpels develop as independent follicles from late spring to early autumn, and dehisce in September-October.