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going down by steps

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(of taxes) gradually decreasing in rate on sums below a certain amount

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It is clear that the imposed rotation action leads to fibers degressively more orientated in TD.
However, it is noticeable that the average fiber orientation through the molding thickness degressively increases with the rotation velocities.
Apart from prompting such questions as 'Should factor f be scaled progressively (degressively)?', the checklist may point, for example, to the possibility of rank ordering the differences in anchor points.
Similarly, although the responses to the green paper stated that the initiative should include the signatures of at least 0.2% of the population of each country represented (because one million of 500 million European citizens corresponds to 0.2% of the Union's population), the EU executive rejects this "fixed" figure, which it does not consider "fair," and suggests a "degressively proportional" threshold in terms of the population of each state, with a lower and an upper limit.
Italy confirms that, without prejudice to the decision on the 2009-2014 legislative period, any decision adopted by the European Council establishing the composition of the European Parliament must abide by the principles of degressively proportional representation' laid down in the new Article 14 (Declaration 57).
The report respects the three constraints imposed by the member states, namely an overall ceiling of 750 MEPs, a maximum of 96 for the most heavily populated state, and a minimum of six for the least populated state, with 'degressively proportional' representation.
It is proposing the use of 'simple proportionality', rather than 'degressively proportional' representation as provided for in the draft amending treaty.
"The European Council passed us this hot potato," says Lamassoure, "by inviting us to make a proposal, by October, regarding the application of Article 20, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution." The paragraph, which is likely to be taken up in the future treaty, foresees a maximum of 750 MEPs with a "degressively proportional" distribution plus a maximum of 96 MEPs per country and a minimum of six.
In one important change which slightly moderates the shift in power in favour of the larger Member States, the Praesidium insisted that the number of MEPs should be "degressively proportionate" to population size.