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going down by steps

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(of taxes) gradually decreasing in rate on sums below a certain amount

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Warranty on paint, door frames and welds weighted 10% on 20 pts - the maximum score of 20 pts will be awarded to the candidate who has offered the longest guarantee - the grades will be degressive according to the ratio (longest warranty / candidate~s guarantee) x (the maximum score) .
In the case of the depreciation method degressive depreciation shall be calculated by multiplying the shares straight-line amortization by the coefficient 2.
In the other studies the pressure profile was degressive.
Also, the accounting methods assume non-linearity, other than in linear models, for depreciation of assets, including so called degressive (with its subtypes: declining balance method or the method of the sum of digits of years) and progressive methods.
Degressive demutational changes of primary and nominally primary forests under the impact of cutting and fires resulted resulted in the formation of short-derived plants of birch and aspen.
The enterprise does not wish to apply the classical methods of depreciation (linear or degressive, for example) because they do not lead to a real rate of depreciation of that machinery.
Under the agreement, agricultural producers in Southern Finland will be allowed to receive degressive state aid payments over the period of 2014-2020, subject inter alia to the Commission's authorisation.
5) The first two output variables are related to the ranking but give higher weights to better positions by lowering in a degressive way the rewards for lower positions.
One of the concessions that the ministers agreed to offer to Parliament was the compulsory degressive redistribution of payments from those receiving the highest support to the rural development programmes (Pillar 2).
Instead, Adagio operates a degressive rate policy, so the longer the guest stays, the cheaper it is.
According to the method adopted by the Constitutional Affairs Committee, the reallocation should be viewed in two steps: first is the redistribution of seats in line with the principle of degressive proportionality and taking advantage of the lower (6 MEPs/Member State) and upper (96 MEPs/Members State) limits set by the Lisbon Treaty; second step is a political compensation between the gains and losses according to the principle that no-one gains and no-one loses more than one.
In the particular case of Turkey, the drop in domestic demand also played a vital role in the degressive growth rates.
Fixed cost) costs of innovative activity will be recognized as the costs which will not be changed along with the scope of innovation activity, while variable costs are costs that will vary with the scope of the work (proportional, degressive, progressive).