degree of freedom

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(statistics) an unrestricted variable in a frequency distribution

one of the minimum number of parameters needed to describe the state of a physical system

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The degree of freedom is always 1 for each relationship and therefore, some statistical software, such as SPSS, do not bother to report it.
Since the effective degree of freedom is more than 30, from the t-distribution table at 95% CL, the coverage factor
1994), which were previously used in measuring joint motions with one degree of freedom (Kroemer et al.
The XAUI interface standard, adopted by this style of optical module, is a very robust board-level interface which provides an extra degree of freedom in the physical design of a platform.
It commemorates the beginning not only of a new country, but of a new kind of society, in which the common man achieved a degree of freedom and opportunity undreamed of in any other country before.
The fact that over 90 percent of them reported a high degree of freedom from disabling symptoms suggests that in the total MS population, there must be many thousands of people with mild MS.
I spoke but a few moments, when I felt a degree of freedom, and said what I desired with considerable ease.
Within the author's aureola of nine holes is plotted a cute grid of sixteen fabricated "holes", each a function of the same set of measured data points and none with a single degree of freedom.
Within David's aureola of nine (9) holes appears a cute pattern of sixteen (16) fabricated "holes", each a function of the measured data set and none with a single degree of freedom.
Following are chapters organized under two themes: single degree of freedom systems, and multi-degrees of freedom systems.