degree of freedom

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(statistics) an unrestricted variable in a frequency distribution

one of the minimum number of parameters needed to describe the state of a physical system

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The most common model used remains the model of suspended axle, named quarter of the vehicle, with two degree of freedom, figure 2.
Each additional parameter to be estimated costs one residual degree of freedom (Dallal, 2003).
The divisor for normal probability distribution (at 95% confidence level with degree of freedom, 6) is = 2.45.
With illustrations, examples and case studies supplementing the text, Bottega starts with an overview of basic principles, including equivalent systems, springs in parallel and in series, elementary dynamics and complex numbers, then moves to free vibration of single degree of freedom systems, forces vibration of single degree of freedom systems in both periodic and non-periodic excitations, operational methods, dynamics of multi-degree of freedom systems, free vibration of multi-degree of freedom systems, forced vibration of multi-degree of freedom systems, dynamics of one-dimensional continua, free vibration of one-dimensional continua, and forced vibration of one-dimensional continua.
To achieve the least environmental impact, it is important to be pro-active, improving products and processes starting from the very beginning of the design phases, where the degree of freedom is extremely higher.
Within these confines of the institution, he has a high degree of freedom and busies himself in the woodworking shop and other facilities.
To be statistically significant with 1 degree of freedom, the chi-square must exceed 3.841 so the null hypothesis was not rejected.
Most residents are entitled to a degree of freedom and independence.
Two of the three original test cells are multi-axis, spindle-coupled passenger car simulators (MTS 329s with four degrees of freedom), while the third, a tire-coupled design, sits in a Ransco environmental test cell and has one degree of freedom at each wheel.
Sally and Bob Dowler said text messaging had allowed them give daughter Gemma a degree of freedom following the murder of her sister, Milly.
``When children reach a certain age you have to give them a certain degree of freedom.
Clearly, the American war planners misjudged the determination of the Iraqi forces." Arnett also thanked Iraq for giving him and other reporters a "degree of freedom which we appreciate." By that time Iraq had already expelled many journalists, and apparently imprisoned two journalists from the New York newspaper Newsday.
"These coatings allow an additional 'degree of freedom' in designing a press fabric where previously mutually exclusive goals--fast startup and long life can now be met."
To overcome these problems, in the present study we aimed to quantify the range of joint mobility with the assumptions of (a) three degrees of freedom for the shoulder, trunk, and hip; (b) two degrees of freedom for the knee; and (c) one degree of freedom for the wrist, elbow, and ankle joints.
The XAUI interface standard, adopted by this style of optical module, is a very robust board-level interface which provides an extra degree of freedom in the physical design of a platform.