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the day on which university degrees are conferred

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a unit used in estimating fuel requirements for heating a building

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According to the study, 2018 had the most cooling degree days since 1990.
The discrepancy between daily accumulation of degree days and monthly accumulation of degree days is most pronounced in early-season and late-season numbers, when mean daily temperatures may be below 50[degrees] F.
The analysis was started with the traditional approach of estimating climate change impact by a quadratic model of weather and growing degree days on crop yields using panel data estimation.
Using regression analysis by incorporating population weighted heating and cooling degree days, the study found carbon emissions to be positively related to cooling requirements of household while negatively related to per capita heating requirements.
Single-sine method, which measures the area under a sine curve with amplitude specified by each pair of daily maximum and minimum temperatures, was used to determine the cumulative degree days (CDD).
In this approach the basic theme was like the time step approach but the basic difference was that in this approach the accumulated temperature (Positive Degree Days) above zero are taken into consideration which are most important in terms of producing the snowmelt runoff.
In the 10 percent of states with the highest above-90 frequency, the mortality effect of one day above 90 is only a 0.68 percent increase, while in the coldest 10 percent of states the effect of a 90 degree day is a 31 percent increase in mortality.
Next, create a new spreadsheet with columns for the starting day of the measurement period (typically a week or a month), degree days for that period, and kWh usage (or whatever other units your records of energy consumption are provided in).
LOGAN, IA: Monthly total heating degree days, [online] [cited 05 October 2012].
The Annual issue contains monthly and annual averages of temperature, precipitation, temperature extremes, freeze data, soil temperatures, evaporation, and a recap of monthly cooling degree days.
Natural gas home customer-weighted heating degree days
Children residing in regions in the top tertile in terms of heating degree days had a 30% higher prevalence of eczema than did those living in the lowest tertile.
Adult mosquitoes will typically emerge after the accumulation of 230 of what are called base 50 daily degree days, according to preliminary research from Cornell and the NRCC.
Key words: Salmo trutta caspius; Hatching rate; Yolk sac absorption; Degree days.