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the day on which university degrees are conferred

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a unit used in estimating fuel requirements for heating a building

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Modern-day calculations of GDD most often utilize daily accumulations of degree days. That is to say that they sum the total degrees of average daily temperatures above 50[degrees] F (10[degrees] C) for every day from April 1 to Oct.
(2010) studied the impact of temperature on electricity demand of a panel of fifteen European countries using the degree day method, the HDDs in the said panel turned out to be significantly affecting the electricity consumption.
Degree day factors were developed using the Time step and Z- curve approaches.
The effect of above-90 degree days on mortality declined 90 percent in both hot and cold states from the earlier era to the latter.
The answer lies in the data--graphing kWh alone (above right) shows the two years consumed the same amount of energy, but adding in degree days (below right) shows the post-upgrade heating system consumed significantly less energy for each heating degree day present.
Although the proposed approach improved the lifecycle operation energy prediction results, it only addresses variability of longitudinal building deterioration and degree days, which are primarily associated with the energy consumption of cooling and heating.
Children residing in regions in the top tertile in terms of heating degree days had a 30% higher prevalence of eczema than did those living in the lowest tertile.
(4) There is a wide scatter in savings estimates for the temperature based and degree day based methods, yet both simple averages and averages weighted by contribution to total energy savings result in average savings across all units of approximately 17%
can never recall, snow-capped trees on an eighty degree day. I feel
We demonstrated that the predictive degree day model is a useful tool for estimating the development, population density, and number of generations of sandflies in the field.
Tomorrow has been suggested as a four or five degree day but with a cold night to follow.
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange lists both heating degree day and cooling degree day contracts.
The Maxchill bottle will chill water to 63 F for about two hours on a 90 degree day, while ice water will reach the outside temperature in a regular bottle over the same duration.