degree centigrade

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a degree on the centigrade scale of temperature

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The accord had concluded that the world should limit the global average temperature rise to 2 degree Centigrade to save the planet from disasters.
The CAT5116 is offered in 8-lead SOIC, TSSOP, DIP and MSOP packages covering the industrial, -40 degree centigrade to 85 degree centigrade, temperature range.
0 Percent Max, Physical Properties:- Bd Gm/Cc At 110 Degree Centigrade /24 Hrs-2.
Islamabad and Murree eleven degree centigrade, Lahore eighteen, Karachi twenty-seven, Peshawar twelve, Quetta seven, Gilgit four and Muzaffarabad fourteen degree centigrade.
On Saturday, maximum and minimum temperatures were recorded 46 degree centigrade and 29 degree centigrade, respectively.
Tenders are invited for Mini Ir Thermo Meter Specification Of Ir Thermometer And Features Make: Extech Or Similar As Under Specification:- Range: 25 Degree Centigrade To 1200F -50 Degree Centigrade To 650 Degree Centigrade Basic Accuracy Plus/Minus1 Percent To Rdg 2F/1 Degree Centigrade Max Resolution - 0.
amp;uot;AIRS will be able to read atmospheric temperatures to within one degree centigrade in one kilometer layers of altitude in the Earth's lower atmosphere.
Islamabad nineteen degree centigrade, Lahore twenty-five, Karachi twenty-seven, Peshawar twenty, Quetta and Murree fifteen, Gilgit thirteen, and Muzaffarabad eighteen degree centigrade.
An official of the Met Office said that the maximum temperature is expected to remain between 31 to 33 degree centigrade during the period.
Islamabad twenty-five degree centigrade, Lahore and Peshawar twenty-eight, Karachi thirty, Quetta twenty-three, Gilgit and Murree seventeen and Muzaffarabad twenty-one degree centigrade.
A Met Office official said here on Sunday that the maximum temperature is expected to remain between 34 to 36 degree centigrade in the metropolis during the period.
Tenders are invited for Thermometer Non-Contact Type With Laser Beam Range50to 550 Degree Centigrade, Accuracy2 Percent -2 Degree Centigrade From 20 To 550 Degree Centigrade With Resolution Of 1 Degree Centigrade Accuracy Of - 5 Degree Centigrade From .
Water Bottle 2 Liters Capacity, Equipped To Keep Water Temp At 16 Degree Centigrade, Plus/Minus 3- Degree Centigrade Or Better, After 5-6 Hrs Of Filling With Water At 6 Degree Centigrade,-Approx- When Outside Temperature In 40 Degree Centigrade-Approx-.