degree centigrade

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a degree on the centigrade scale of temperature

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The temperature may jump by two to three degree centigrade reached 48 or 49 C within next few days, Deputy Director Metrological department Multan, Muhammad Zawar told on Monday.
The minimum temperature remained 15 degree centigrade in Peshawar on Monday morning while 26 degree centigrade was the maximum recorded temperature.
Islamabad' 22 degree centigrade' Lahore and Peshawar 28' Karachi 30' Quetta 26' Murree 16' Gilgit 24 and Muzaffarabad 23 degree centigrade.
Tenders are invited for Thermometer Non-Contact Type With Laser Beam Range50to 550 Degree Centigrade, Accuracy2 Percent -2 Degree Centigrade From 20 To 550 Degree Centigrade With Resolution Of 1 Degree Centigrade Accuracy Of - 5 Degree Centigrade From .
Islamabad, Lahore and Muzaffarabad 26 degree centigrade, Karachi and Peshawar 28, Quetta 22, Gilgit 19 and Murree 18 degree centigrade.
On Wednesday, the maximum temperature was 17 degree centigrade and the minimum 08 degree centigrade.
Air Temperature-10 Degree Centigrade To 60 Degree Centigade With Resolution Of 0.
Temperature of some major cities recorded on Saturday morning was: Islamabad and Lahore twelve degree centigrade, Karachi seventeen, Peshawar thirteen, Quetta five, Gilgit three, Murree four and Muzaffarabad nine degree centigrade" he added.
Tenders are invited for Engine Oil Grade Servo Premium Cf4 15W 40 Or Similar As Per The Characteristics 1 Sae Grade 15W-40 2 Kinetic Viscisity, Cst At 100 Degree Centigrade 14.
Temperature of some major cities recorded on Saturday morning: Islamabad, 22 degree centigrade, Lahore and Peshawar 28, Karachi 30, Quetta 26, Murree 16, Gilgit 24 and Muzaffarabad 23 degree centigrade.
ISLAMABAD -- The federal capital got freezing temperature early Sunday with minimum temperature recorded 0 degree centigrade, said Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).
Nokkundi with 48 degree Centigrade remained the hottest place followed by Dalbandin 47 degree Centigrade, Dadu 45 degree Centigrade, Bhakkar & Sibbi 44 degree Centigrade, Bahawalnagar 43 degree Centigrade while pollen count today remained 66/m3.
Temperature in Islamabad, Quetta and Gilgit were recorded at 36 degree centigrade' Multan and Peshawar 41, Lahore 37, Karachi 34, Muzaffarabad 38 and in Murree it was 26 degree centigrade.
6 Cst At 100 Degree Centigrade In Service,Conforming To Le-2001 Of Lubrication Engineer Or Stanvac 70202 Of Stanvac Chemicals Or Similar.
Islamabad and Muzaffarabad 21 degree centigrade, Lahore 29, Karachi 28, Peshawar and Quetta 24, Gilgit 20 and Murree 14 degree centigrade.