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remove grease or oil from (a pan)

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The directions tell us to degrease the part and then swab on the solution and let it sit for a few minutes.
3 Learn how to fieldstrip the bolt of your rifle and degrease it completely.
(They look like coiled drill chips.) You need to degrease the parts before trying either of these methods.
Be sure to clean and degrease the surface that you plan to cover with skateboard tape.
The usual method to prepare these parts for remolding was to first vapor degrease the parts.
It is recommended that a solvent degrease be used for the first 2-5 releases for critical bonding applications.
To remove grease, oil, wax and asphalt from electrical and mechanical equipment, NCH Europe also offers Voltz, a powerful solvent degreaser with controlled evaporation so it stays on the surface for longer, meaning it can degrease highly soiled equipment effectively.