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Synonyms for degrading

Synonyms for degrading

harmful to the mind or morals


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used of conduct

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The proposed measure shields children from the grave consequences of corporal punishment by prohibiting the infliction of all forms of humiliating or degrading punishment on them in all settings.
'Leaving a party which maliciously prosecuted him and subjected him to the most degrading treatment, notwithstanding his status as the nation's number three citizen, took courage, and I commend him.
Therefore, a new development for highly effective PET degrading enzymes is essential to degrade PET using bio- based eco-friendly methods."
"Wobble boarders" - which are large advertising hoardings hung on people who stand on street corners - are no longer used in Nottingham after the council there said that they are dangerous and degrading.
In this two-volume set edited by the Council of Europe, readers will encounter a wide variety of writings from a wide variety of perspectives on ongoing work done in support of the European Convention for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment of Punishment during the year 2010.
But there are a variety of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) that are capable of degrading certain PAHs therefore there is a significant interest in studying microorganisms in contaminated sites as a mean for bioremediation [14].
Several Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria isolated from soil, rhizosphere and phylosphere have AHL degrading activity.
Belfast Detective Superintendent Phil Marshall said after the case: "Police are determined to make Northern Ireland a hostile environment for organised criminals seeking to make money by treating their fellow human beings as commodities to be sold in the most humiliating and degrading of markets.
Rather than targeting large footloose industries, Doussard argues, workers and activists should challenge degraded work in small, place-bound, local-serving businesses, which are not only the main culprits of degrading work, but are also more vulnerable to pressure from community-based organizations and local politicians.
Degrading plants must be set up, where waste can be decomposed.
"We need to decode what is necessary in this process, but degrading enzymes are the main therapeutic focus."
Based on analyzing the relativity between the content of clay in soils with PBDEs congers in different degrading level, the transform of PBDEs in soil is found as following:
Dubai Mechanisms to ensure all plastic bags produced and used in the UAE are capable of degrading quickly have been finalised, to meet the 2013 ban on regular plastic bags that take hundreds of years to degrade.