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a person who lowers the quality or character or value (as by adding cheaper metal to coins)

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SL014B-85T isolated from saline soil Shengli oilfield, China, showed to be a crude oil degrader [29].
aureus were used as control as they have been reported as hydrocarbon degraders [31, 32].
solani is one of the most vigorous microbial degraders of synthetic lignin, and it has been indicated that aeration of F.
Ce groupe nous a laisse , et s'est dirige vers le mont Sammama sans nous agresser ni degrader nos vehicules ', a-t-il explique, signalant que ces derniers visaient les agents de securite qualifies de Tawaghits '.
Avec les annees, la relation continue de se degrader.
The Pseudomonas putida IFO 14671 has been isolated, cultured and identified from the cow dung microbial consortium as a high-potential phenol degrader.
Potential hydrocarbon degrader bacteria were isolated from soil samples that have been exposed to petroleum oil spills in mechanic workshops and gas stations.
The molecule Idol (inducible degrader of LDLRs) that they found might be a molecular target for such a strategy.
En effet, les documents imprimes commencent a se degrader des qu'ils paraissent, alors que les fichiers electroniques sont beaucoup plus stables a long terme.
On the basis of this finding, it appears that in our hexadecane degrader, AK-01, the carbon donor that we could not identify was actually fumarate, the same mechanism that Evans et al.
Evidemment, la realite n'allait pas etre a la hauteur des esperances : le Quebec renouvele a vu la fonction publique degenerer en bureaucratie sans ame et la population degrader sa liberte en << consommation niaise >> plutot que de l'utiliser en faveur d'une quete spirituelle plus profonde et authentique.
Field experiment soils were analyzed for the ratio of degrader bacteria in the total bacterial community.
There is increasing evidence that plants enhance the survival of degrader organisms and also shorten the time needed for these organisms to acclimate to the contamination and thus start degrading the pollutants.
Through its Formulated Concentrated Products Division, BioLogix develops concentrates that include biological odor control products (pet odor, livestock lagoon, carpet odor); biological cleaning products (bathroom cleaning, laundry pre-soak, drain line treatment, pet stain treatment); biological agriculture products (manure degrader, soil conditioning, compost acceleration); and biological waste degradation products (wastewater treatment products, septic tank products, trap and drain products).