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Synonyms for degraded

Synonyms for degraded

unrestrained by convention or morality

lowered in value

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Expected results: The LIFE REstore project aims to promote sustainable and responsible management of degraded peatlands.
During this study it was observed that anthracene was degraded by Stenotrophomonas sp.
IN DEGRADED WORK: The Struggle at the Bottom of the Labor Market, Marc Doussard persuasively argues that scholars and activists concerned about income inequality and low-wage work should extend their focus beyond the issue of wages to examine the broad-based degradation of work.
5 August 2013 - US microarray technology and genomics analysis specialist Affymetrix Inc (NASDAQ:AFFX) launched today its latest whole-genome copy number assay for highly degraded FFPE solid tumour samples dubbed OncoScan FFPE Assay Kit.
Summary: Moscow, Rabi Al-Akhir 25, 1432 H/March 30, 2011, SPA -- Around 15 per cent of Russia&'s natural environment is severely degraded, dpa cited Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as saying Wednesday.
Degraded forests offer safe havens for wildlife: Forests degraded by intensive logging are generally considered to be biological wastelands, but new research has revealed that they offer vital habitat for numerous species, including many threatened with extinction.
Tim Rollinson said forests were being lost and degraded at an alarming rate.
The new assessment indicates that 24 per cent of the land has been degraded over the period 1981-2003, but there is hardly any overlap with the GLASOD area that recorded the cumulative effects of land degradation up to about 1990.
3 : to reduce from a higher to a lower rank or degree <He was degraded to a private by his commander.
African-American women have been degraded since the slavery era, and for an African-American man to come out publicly and degrade African-American women for having enough self-esteem and care about themselves to want to do more with their appearance, regardless to what it is, was an outrage.
The soil was sandy loam, Total N and available P content were low in (used and degraded soils) compared with critical levels of 0.
The long residence time of melt in these systems often leads to troublesome deposits of degraded material.
Hence, under the conditions applied in this study, degraded straw offered no advantages compared to untreated straw.
Brent Baker, commander of the 95th Air Base Wing, said the base had concerns the degraded groundwater could spread to it.