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Preliminary diagnosis of a solitary thyroid nodule was made based on her age, sex, duration of the mass and mobility of the mass with deglutition.
According to some studies, constipation and deglutition are significantly improved after surgery in the subthalamic nucleus [115-117].
A cet egard, il existe une relation directe entre la fonction de deglutition et l'etat nutritionnel.
Aspiration method was applied in 50% of the patients from the successful group and 60% of those from the unsuccessful group, whereas deglutition method was applied in 50% and 40% of the patients from the successful and unsuccessful group, respectively.
The clinical examination revealed at hospitalization a BP of 130/70cm Hg, a regulate pulse of 60 bpm, a lax right hemiplegia, mixed aphasia, sphincteral incontinence, metrorrhagia, deglutition is possible.
The swelling was mobile, firm, and nontender, and it moved with deglutition.
The endoscopic evaluation of swallowing that followed revealed the absence of deglutition reflex, with permanent saliva aspiration, therefore impossible for the tracheostomy tube to be removed.
A high index of suspicion is needed to diagnose tracheo-oesophageal fistula in a post intubated patient presenting with symptom of cough following deglutition.
17) Although frequent monitoring for regression may be used as a management option, conservative excision under anesthesia is the traditional treatment and is especially necessary if the lesion interferes with respiration or deglutition.
Enclosing risk factors for foreign body of dental origin are the altered consciousness, old persons, and local factors [1], but the most frequent is inadvertent deglutition [2].
Abstract: An adult female Chinese goose (Anser cygnoides) presented with a ventral displacement of the hyoid apparatus, associated with distension of the intermandibular sublingual space and of the gular skin, causing difficulties with prehension and deglutition of food and water.
swallowing: the child was instructed to swallow two pieces of bread (2 x 2 cm) in his/her habitual manner followed by two portions of water while the examiner palpated the hyoid bone and the larynx region; bread and water swallowing were evaluated separately; the deglutition pattern was considered abnormal when one or more of the following characteristics were noted: (7) (1) first evaluation: orbicularis oris and/or mentalis muscle contractions, forward head movement, and (2) second evaluation: the child's lips were slightly opened; the tongue position at the exact moment of swallowing was considered as follows:
Deglutition in elderly patients with dementia: findings of videofluorographic evaluation and impact on staging and management.
There was no observed trouble in deglutition and rumination and there was no leakage of saliva or ruminal fluid.
These results corroborate the findings of other studies, that did not find a correlation between inadequate oral habits, such as atypical deglutition and thumb sucking and otitis media [Watase et al.