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The suprahyoid muscles are considered to be strategic for deglutition, since they participate in motor reflex mechanisms, lowering and stabilization of the mandible, elevation and forward movement of the hyoid bone, and have insertion with tongue musculature (9,10).
More than 60% of patients in the RFFF group achieved normal deglutition 6 months after surgery, which is consistent with the results reported by Lopez et al} (2).
Patients regain adequate function in speech, deglutition, and mastication much sooner compared to conventional complete denture.
Upper esophageal sphincter function during deglutition. Gastroenterology 1988; 95: 52-62.
Rommel et al., "Deep-brain-stimulation does not impair deglutition in Parkinson's disease," Parkinsonism and Related Disorders, vol.
Swelling did not move on deglutition or tongue protrusion.
It may classify as simple or complex.12 The implication of an AOB irrespective of its cause include aesthetic issues, speech and phonetic issues, lingual interposition during deglutition and difficulty in biting from front teeth.13,14 Severity grades of AOB are: Moderate (0-2 mm), Severe (3-4 mm) and Extreme (more than 4 mm).15
Evaluation of normal deglutition with the help of rectified surface electromyography records.
The presence of residual food was the result of the inability of the lips, tongue, and cheeks to perform normal deglutition. [5]
The otolaryngologist assessed the anatomy and deglutition of the infants with the help of a speech pathologist and recorded the findings for further evaluation.
The goals of tongue laceration repair are to attain adequate closure, minimize complications, preserve motility, optimize articulation and deglutition. This report describes surgical management of deep transverse tongue laceration in an adult advance pregnant Jersey cow.
The clinical presentation varies, including simple sore throat, dysphagia, stepwise deglutition, and eventual suffocation or vomiting, especially if the patient is young (4, 8).
It would be miraculous enough to consider the role of the larynx in respiration, in its position atop the respiratory tree, and the periodicity with which it participates in breath and the coordination of deglutition. But to understand the way in which it gives each of us voice, those two tiny pieces of tissue generate the sound to resonate in the structures of our face, head, and neck and create a vocal signature that is beautiful and sufficiently voluminous to fill a 3000-seat theater.
From a somatic perspective, the patient displays cogwheel phenomenon and the Noica sign, urinary incontinence, oscillatory blood pressure, tachycardia, sialorrhea, muscle stiffness, deglutition disturbances, subfebrility (37,6C).
A 47-year-old male presented to the Department of Head and Neck Oncology, with a ulcerative lesion in the hard palate with difficulty in deglutition since 1 year.