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dissolve cooking juices or solid food in (a pan) by adding liquid and stirring

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In generally, past studies showed that the roughness values achieved on deglazed porcelain was greater than that on glazed porcelain (24-28).
Add the flour to the beef juices over a high heat and whisk it while it bubbles - add the deglazed red wine, stock, redcurrant jelly and the other half of the sprig of thyme.
As before, Farce declares the gross weight, with protective glaze and the deglazed weight.
He then added chopped garlic and allowed it to cook briefly until aromatic, and then deglazed the pan by adding lemon juice, dry white wine and capers.
For a simple sauce I finely chopped up some chilli, some spring onion, deglazed this with a glass of fresh orange and gently reduced to a syrup.