degenerative disorder

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Shobhika Kalra, 25, who suffers from a degenerative disorder called Friedreich's Ataxia (FA) which damages the nerves, muscles and heart, told XPRESS that she had managed to get 175 ramps constructed across offices, restaurants and other public places under an initiative - Wings of Angelz - she started with her sister Ruchika to help those with mobility issues.
Diagnoses in patients with a central vestibular disorder (n = 43) Diagnosis n (%) Degenerative disorder 22 (51.
Brooke London, now 13, took a blue tablet given to her by a school pal, unaware it was a drug to treat the degenerative disorder.
ALD is a progressive degenerative disorder, meaning that myelin, the insulation around nerves, breaks down over time.
The most serious among these is keratoconus, a degenerative disorder in which structural changes wit-hin the cornea cause it to thin and change into a more conical shape from its normal gradual curve.
No specific therapy currently exists for this degenerative disorder, which is characterized by distal progressive muscle atrophy and sensory loss, although ascorbic acid has been shown to reduce demyelination and improve muscle function in a transgenic mouse model of CMT1A.
Similar operations have also been performed for various conditions such as keratoconus (a degenerative disorder of the eye); corneal dystrophies and scarring.
Parkinson's Disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system which can impair motor skills and speech as well as other functions.
Having diabetic retinopathy, a degenerative disorder of the retina, more than doubles your risk of having a stroke, according to a study in the February issue of the journal Stroke.
Parkinson's disease is a degenerative disorder in which a specific group of neural cells die.
The couple's problems stem from her husband's low sperm count and a degenerative disorder that means it would be extremelydoubtful she would carry a child for a full pregnancy.
Winnard had a long history of learning difficulties and had been diagnosed as having a degenerative disorder.
Parkinson's is a degenerative disorder caused by the death of brain cells that produce the neurotransmitter dopamine.
My little girl was suffering from a rare degenerative disorder that had caused her to regress, at the age of 10, to the mental level of a six-month-old.
The attacked woman, who suffers from the degenerative disorder Huntington's Disease, was raped while being cared for at a nursing home.
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