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(of illness) marked by gradual deterioration of organs and cells along with loss of function

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The PRS aims to raise awareness but also to promote actions against degenerative diseases that cause blindness, under the coordination of Retina International.
In 2014, a Justice for Jeff campaign was launched, which called for an independent inquiry into a possible link between playing football and degenerative brain disease.
Lower back pain, which is linked to degenerative spinal discs, could be caused by this lack of nutrients.
Description: This 134-page document reviews the evidence for the diagnosis and treatment of degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis.
Have you ever seen two 70-year-olds -- one appears to be decrepit, senile, and immobile, and the other is active, with no evidence of memory loss or joint dysfunction, fatigue, or degenerative diseases?
MIGENIX is committed to advancing therapy, improving health, and enriching life by developing and commercializing drugs in the areas of infectious and degenerative diseases.
Led by Kyoto University's Jun Takahashi, a team showed that embryonic stem cells could be a viable route to therapy for complex degenerative disorders by successfully guiding the development of monkey embryonic stem cells into monkey dopamine neurons that, when implanted, removed the signs of Parkinson's-like illnesses in primate subjects.
There are several good studies available that show that running does not accelerate the progression of degenerative (osteo) arthritis and may, in fact, slow the progression of the disease.
But that's where his normal activities ceased, as the Angels closer deals with his spot on the disabled list, not knowing when he'll be able to return from injuries that include a strained gluteus muscle and degenerative changes in his right hip joint.
Moreover, by age 88, the elderly volunteers with psychotic symptoms more often had developed degenerative brain disease than their counterparts had, report Svante Ostling and Ingmar Skoog, both psychiatrists at Goteborg University in Sweden.
Degenerative (Aging) Conditions, Including Osteoarthritis
These include an accumulation of many degenerative changes that relate to the aging process itself (Agnew; Brooks; McFarland & Cox; Williams), to zinc deficiency (Shambaugh, 1989), to medication (Agnew; Brooks), to heredity, to environmental conditions, and to other health conditions (McFarland & Cox,).
This section is divided into seven categories: auditory disorders, ocular damage, cardiac problems, endocrine system (diabetes and thyroid), degenerative conditions, and esophageal/gastrointestinal symptoms.