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the process of making a (steel) ship's hull nonmagnetic by producing an opposing magnetic field

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a leading supplier of innovative computer products including hard disk drives, peripherals and biometric security solutions, today announced that QSGI INC is using the Fujitsu Mag EraSURE degaussing solution as part of its industry-leading suite of information technology security services.
Conventional copper-cable degaussing systems are effective, but they are also heavy, bulky and power-hungry.
If it can be brought vividly home to the members of the unions engaged in such activities that the lack of ships and of degaussing and paravane equipment was causing the loss of lives of fellow-unionists in the Seamen's Union, they would readily agree to forego their objections and make extreme efforts to remedy the situation to the best of their ability.
Magnetic-signature and degaussing work at WOL led to the development and fielding of the drive-through deperming facilities for submarines at Kings Bay, Georgia, and Bangor, Washington.
I've found that using magnetic degaussing 5-10 seconds via the printed side of the CD markedly improves the sound.
Applications for Amperium wire include AC and DC power transmission and distribution cables, ship propulsion motors and generators, wind turbine generators such as American Superconductor's SeaTitan[TM], degaussing systems for naval vessels, electromagnets, maglev trains, fault current limiters and FaultBlocker[TM] surge-suppressing power cable systems.
Tenders are invited for Amc for degaussing equipment in degaussing bay of wecors, ndv, located in the premises of ships building center (sbc(v) mwea
High dynamic range : Built-in closed-loop magnetic core degaussing procedure and offset calibration increase dynamic range up to six decades while supporting higher system-level accuracy, compared to traditional solutions.
This software-based approach for overwriting and fully eliminating all electronic information offers auditable reports to prove erasure, and provides many advantages over physical destruction, degaussing, encryption, re-formatting, and other approaches for eliminating data.
Areas of expertise include destruction of media through degaussing, disintegration, and shredding.
The company's HTS wire and magnet cable technology have been applied to a degaussing coil system that was installed aboard the USS Higgins, a DDG-51 destroyer, for a two-year trial at sea.
Within the first six months, we found that they had been paying on-demand electricity bills which went back historically to the time it was an RAF base and they were degaussing get rid of unwanted magnetic field the seaplanes.
British boffins hit back at the mine threat by fitting the hulls of most large British ships with degaussing cable.
There is a baffling array of terminology in this area, such as: cleaning, cleansing, clearing, degaussing, deleting, destroying, erasing, formatting, overwriting, reformatting, sanitizing, shredding, squeezing, wiping and so on.
Mandanaro says that the Absolute Shredding is learning that more customers who have electronic media to be destroyed are looking at using a method called degaussing.