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For example, you might choose to degauss your hard drives in house and then send the degaussed drives to a service for the next stage, such as shredding and/or disintegration.
l7 Ensure verification labels are placed on all hard drives that have been degaussed and overwritten.
The 14-inch reel of magnetic tape, high-tech circa 1969, may have been degaussed (erased) for reuse.
Used tapes are typically marketed as having been cleaned, degaussed and refurbished to perform just as well as new tapes.
Are information media degaussed only individually, or can they be stacked for speedier degaussing?
All diskettes are degaussed on an automated conveyor system.
By the way, if you degaussed yourself earlier, you got rid of subtle interference on your video minitor caused by the earth's magnetic field.
The Sledgehammer also satisfies National Security Agency requirements for physical destruction of drives after they have been degaussed by an NSA-listed degausser.
If a system has a hard disk, can the hard disk be used on other programs or for unclassified work after it has been degaussed or declassified?