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Designed for the users who wont settle for second best the TWELVE DRIVER's feature an optimal over the ear ergonomic fit that combines sleek style with the well renowned Degauss sound for all-day wear.
l7 Ensure verification labels are placed on all hard drives that have been degaussed and overwritten.
She told me that the CIA and big corporations degauss their hard drives before disposing of their computers.
Controls on the front panel help users to degauss the screen and to make precise adjustment of image geometry and color balance.
All CRT displays have the Power-On Auto Degauss feature built in.
Up front controls should include vertical and horizontal picture size and position, brightness, light and dark control, degauss, red, green, and blue gun intensity and, of course, the on and off button.
If all this makes sense to you, go "degauss" yourself and leave the rest of us electronic illiterates to unravel the current revolution in audio and video.
("Nosy Temple, here's salami, 'Degauss' Allen," Kay admixed.) "Del-base Mac is--Reg, naiver!"' Dega-peever Edna vexed; "Del!