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a unit of electrical energy equal to the work done when a current of one ampere passes through a resistance of one ohm for one second

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The DEG will also have a counter-intelligence unit which would solely focus on checking the background of its personnel.
8226; Commercial and industrial installations of DEG were the largest end-use segment, accounting for 76.
DEG is one of the largest European development finance institutions for long-term project and company financing.
This is the point (-50 deg C), where the mechanical behaviour of conventional NBR materials changes, with the rubber increasingly losing flexibility through hardening.
During the past 70 years, at least 12 occurrences of DEG contamination in oral and topical medications have resulted in at least 450 deaths (1-3).
Dove Energy Group DEG aims to expand its oil and gas production investments in the Middle East , North Africa and Caspian regions.
1 deg C in Capel Curig in the Conwy Valley, and - 8 deg C at Hawarden, - 7.
As the week moves on temperatures may even fall to 10 deg C in the north and 13 deg C in the south.
Today's forecast shows the mercury hitting a near tropical 23 deg C (73 deg F) in Cheltenham.
The first angle grinders equipped with Hilti's Smart Power[TM] system and Active Torque Control (ATC)--the 5-inch DEG 500-D and 6-inch DEG 600-D and DEG 600-P are now available.
The very objective of the government initiative is to cut down office energy consumption by setting room temperature at around 28 deg C (82.
Portable DVD player sales are projected to grow 57 percent versus last year, the DEG said.
max{deg a, deg b, deg c} [less than or equal to] [n.
5 deg C, according to Bablake Weather Station's monthly summary.
With 9 deg of vertical bandwidth, this antenna is ideally suited for most point-to-multipoint applications, including wireless LANs and wireless Internet access.