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Synonyms for defy

Synonyms for defy

to confront boldly and courageously

to refuse or fail to obey

to call on another to do something requiring boldness

Synonyms for defy

resist or confront with resistance

elude, especially in a baffling way



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Marking the arrival of this game-changing watch, Zenith has created ten collector's gift boxes to house the first ten Defy Lab watches, each of which is different from the others.
DEFY Media owns media brands such as SMOSH, ScreenJunkies and Clevver, which generate over 750 million video views each month.
It is expected that the bank could defy a government rule to sell multiple insurers' products.
The Motorola DEFY XT is ideal for busy workers such as tradesmen, landscape gardeners and farmers.
7 Gingerbread-based Motoluxe is a higher-end device, similar to the first Motorola Defy.
Motorola Mobility Inc (NYSE:MMI), a provider of mobile devices and related products, announced on Friday that the new Motorola DEFY MINI XT320 smartphone is now available from Motorola Mobility China.
Arcelik will seek to use Defy as a platform to expand in South Africa, its CEO, Levent Cakiroglu, told Bloomberg in an e-mailed statement.
Defy Appliances Ltd is Southern Africa's largest manufacturer and distributor of major domestic appliances.
To cater for this demand, Motorola is this week launching the DEFY - a slim and pocket-able Android smartphone that comes equipped with a 3.
During the season finale, Winfrey, who thrilled her American audience with the gift of a free trip to Australia, also announced that each member of her awe-struck audience will receive a Motorola DEFY smartphone to accompany them on their trip Down Under.
With all the features consumers expect in a smartphone, DEFY packs Web browsing, entertainment and messaging capabilities as well as an exterior design that can withstand the stresses of everyday life.
he added, "Should we remain silent and not defy a visit like this?
DHANKUTA, May 4 -- Residents of Sidhuwa, a small town north of Dhankuta district headquarters, have decided to defy any banda call.
CANADIAN Danehill is taken to defy topweight in the Bet On Live Sport At totesport.
2 : to challenge to do something thought to be impossible : dare <I defy you to explain the trick.