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Synonyms for defy

Synonyms for defy

to confront boldly and courageously

to refuse or fail to obey

to call on another to do something requiring boldness

Synonyms for defy

resist or confront with resistance

elude, especially in a baffling way



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DEFY has a proprietary blend of performance spectrum hemp extract along with essential vitamins and minerals designed to help restore and revitalize your body.
DEFY is sponsored by local commands with the mission to improve combat readiness by providing a drug demand reduction and comprehensive life skills program specifically designed to improve youth resiliency and strength.
Marking the arrival of this game-changing watch, Zenith has created ten collector's gift boxes to house the first ten Defy Lab watches, each of which is different from the others.
DEFY Media owns media brands such as SMOSH, ScreenJunkies and Clevver, which generate over 750 million video views each month.
Critique: A thoughtful and thought-provoking read, "A Wise Man Taught Me How to Defy Gravity and Now I'll Teach You" is particularly commended to the attention of readers with an interest in the cosmos, or who have grown disenchanted with the world, or who are seeking to overcome an adversity, or wish to expand themselves creatively.
Caption: 2: Mail received over the past year from Smosh fans serves to connect the Defy team with the audience that loves the channel.
DEFY program managers discuss the security of PII at the annual train-the-trainer event attended by key staff from each DEFY program.
At such moments, Defy the Night delivers (and sometimes belabors) mature concepts about pride, achievement, and fear.
India-based, state-controlled Canara Bank could defy the government regarding a rule on insurance sales.
Motorola DEFY XT535 Smart phone was announced march 2012.
Building on the Motorola Defy's life proof qualities, Motorola Defy+ offers exceptional protection with its water [...]
original Motorola Defy, a more intuitive user interface and improved features
She is waiting instead to see when the Prime Minister will strike at the one who dared defy her.
6 -- Motorola has unveiled two new Android phones - the Motoluxe (XT615), and Defy Mini (XT320).
BLACKBURN boss Steve Kean is backing his players to defy the boo-boys.