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Synonyms for defusing

the act of deactivating or making ineffective (as a bomb)

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Defusing the explosive and shifting it to a military shooting range "could take us up to two days," he added.
security research, the procurement of a defusing robot is required at Fraunhofer EMI.
HE diced with death every time he went on duty and saved countless lives by defusing 200 unexploded German bombs in just 60 days.
I did my job, that was all," lead defusing expert Horst Lenz told local daily Rhein Zeitung.
THE Queen has honoured a soldier for the bravest act yet seen defusing devices in Afghanistan.
He said that in addition to defusing two roadside bombs, the forces also seized 10 mortars.
Supporting a popular theory of aging, the drugs work by defusing the highly reactive oxygen-containing molecules commonly known as free radicals.
QUETTA -- Security forceshas foiled a major terror bid in Quetta while defusing a bomb in Kali Tarkha area on Tuesday.
Peshawar -- The police defusing two bombs planted alongside of a roadside, foiling a major attack.
BARA -- Security forces on Tuesday foiled a major terror bid by defusing four roadside bombs during search operation in Khyber Agency.
He added that the process of defusing it took place without casualties.
In another part of the capital, three policemen were injured while defusing three rockets placed on landmines near a military base.
Local police officer, Khurshid Khan, told media that BDS personnel was defusing two explosive devices.
He further cited combating and defusing the international and western sanctions against Iran and pushing the country towards progress, development and prosperity as the main reasons why Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei has named the Iranian new year as the "Year of Economic Jihad".
Books such as Red Hot Relationships offer many tools for defusing anger.