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remove the triggering device from


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In an effort to help defuse the current tensions, he is travelling to the region today (Tuesday 20 October 2015) to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas, and other senior officials.
A resident informed the security apparatus about the bomb and a team of bomb disposal experts was sent to defuse it, according to Maoda.
The interior ministry said a colonel was killed and several policemen were wounded when a bomb they were trying to defuse went off.
It could have taken hours to defuse each one and he must have been exhausted at times.
The inquest at the Cathedral Centre in Lincoln heard the 28-year-old bomb disposal officer was killed in July last year as he had tried to defuse a roadside device by hand in Helmand province in the war-torn country.
WITH reference to 'Bid to defuse race row' (GDN July 31), I submit the following.
Summary: Iranian security officials managed to defuse a bomb on a Tehran-bound passenger airliner.
Top 10 Ways to Defuse Your Congregational Time Bomb
John Prescott is heading a European human rights delegation to Armenia to help defuse the country's growing political crisis.
North Korea is ready to defuse its nuclear facilities by the year-end in exchange for the United States removing North Korea from its list of state sponsors of terrorism, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported Friday, quoting diplomatic sources.
1) a bully or bullies start picking on Gun; 2) Gun tries to defuse the situation using nonviolent techniques (reason, persuasion); 3) Gun's attempts to defuse the situation fail miserably, and he is subjected to physical abuse; 4) Gun doesn't respond to said abuse (he thinks of his dear old morn, who hates it when he fights); 5) the physical abuse escalates; 6) Gun grits his teeth (this is the equivalent of Bruce Banner transforming into the Hulk); 7) Gun unleashes a devastating counterattack that reduces his enemies to quivering puddings.
But what if the parties could skillfully locate, identify, and defuse in advance the areas where they were potentially vulnerable and either avoid, minimize, or restructure them?
Second, I identify the main arguments that the Reformers, and Luther in particular, used in order to defuse this tension.
They possess enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase and catalase, that defuse the reactive molecules.