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remove the triggering device from


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It can also be used to break glass and windows in vehicles and buildings, and is equipped with a camera to help explosives experts defuse bombs remotely, the statement said.
An earlier message on Twitter read: "Ban Ki-moon is travelling to Israel and Palestine in an effort to help defuse tensions."
"Top 10 Ways to Defuse Your Congregational Time Bomb" is a guide for church leaders to become community mediators who help their congregation solve conflicts in the most peaceful and faith inspiring ways possible.
But Martin also gives guidance on the FAQs of grammar, orthography, punctuation and usage--He disarms the defuse/diffuse difficulty with a mere 30 words: "Defuse means to remove the fuse from an explosive device, or generally to make harmless or less harmful.
They possess enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase and catalase, that defuse the reactive molecules.
ISLAMABAD -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has stressed upon India and Pakistan to defuse the prevailing tension and avoid any escalation.
This robot is able to detect and defuse live bombs, and can also help people trapped in fire and smoke.
| ISLAMABAD, Sept 28 (KUNA) -- A personnel from the Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) was killed and three policemen were wounded while trying to defuse an explosive device on Friday in Pakistan's northern Peshawar city.
Army bomb disposal experts raced to Ayr Police Station to defuse the devices at around 1.30am after the man placed the explosives on the counter.
Obviously diffuse is not what's needed; the writer wants defuse, which means literally to remove a fuse from a bomb and figuratively "To make less dangerous, tense, or hostile: defuse an international crisis." (American Heritage Dictionary.)
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi said his ministry has worked out plans to help the country take long strides towards economic independence and further defuse the international and unilateral sanctions imposed against the country.
A SOLDIER under investigation following the deaths of five men under his command in Afghanistan may have told them to defuse two Russian-made missiles so they could be kept as souvenirs, it was reported yesterday.
It is pertinent to note that dire need was felt to impart special training to the force officers and jawans to defuse the IEDs, and explosive materials so as to effectively combat the ongoing war against terror.
On Sept 28, 2012, he was called to Sheikhan area to defuse bombs planted on the roadside.