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with dexterity

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Then he chose the stoutest bow among them all, next to Robin's own, and a straight gray goose shaft, well-feathered and smooth, and stepping to the mark--while all the band, sitting or lying upon the greensward, watched to see him shoot--he drew the arrow to his cheek and loosed the shaft right deftly, sending it so straight down the path that it clove the mark in the very center.
The Hair Trunk is not hurled at the stranger's head--so to speak--as the chief feature of an immortal work so often is; no, it is carefully guarded from prominence, it is subordinated, it is restrained, it is most deftly and cleverly held in reserve, it is most cautiously and ingeniously led up to, by the master, and consequently when the spectator reaches it at last, he is taken unawares, he is unprepared, and it bursts upon him with a stupefying surprise.
She dressed his wound deftly and adjusted a bandage around his head.
She called his name on the threshold, but in her swift flight across the room she felt a change in him and caught herself up so deftly that he could not tell just when she did it.
Anne washed the dishes deftly enough, as Marilla who kept a sharp eye on the process, discerned.
But the wheels of Evie's wedding were still at work, tossing the guests outwards as deftly as they had drawn them in, and she could not be with him long.
Then the stranger deftly opened the snoring man's pouch, took out the warrant, read it, and put it in his own wallet.
A whirlwind of emotions were on display this weekend, as musicians deftly stirred memories with their evocative instrumental melodies.
Critique: Whimsical, thought-provoking, deftly crafted, "This Is Me, Not Robert Creeley, Speaking " clearly showcases Paul Bussan's genuine flair for deftly crafted, succinct, and memorable free verse.
Baue is a deftly constructed and consistently compelling novel that follows the geographical, intellectual and spiritual sojourns of Paul Gottlieb, a young musician searching for reality in the cultural maelstrom of the 1960s San Francisco.
The three deftly crafted novels set in a medieval era include "The Bishop of Canton" (9781492321811, $292 pp); "The Baron Of Eastcastle" (9781492323921, 320 pp); and "The King Of Dalatia" (9781492324003, 387 pp).
McGavin is the Acting Curator of Entomology at Oxford University's Museum of Natural History and has researched the world on the topic--so drawing upon his considerable expertise, ENDANGERED is more than a simple rehash of extinction theory as he deftly examines the different types and scales of extinctions and their consequences.
The North Shore" is a superbly written novel set against a background of the wild and magnificent beauty of the Lake Superior shoreline, populated by deftly drawn characters who react in surprising ways that are as unanticipated as they are problematic.
Kabbalah, Science And The Meaning of Life" by kabbalist and scientist Rav Michael Laitman deftly shares with his readers the hidden aspects of reality long known to students of the Judaic mysticism known as 'kabbalah' and only now beginning to emerge from western scientific inquiries.
This beautiful book deftly makes the case for botanical conservation.