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Synonyms for deft

Synonyms for deft

showing art or skill in performing or doing

exhibiting or possessing skill and ease in performance

well done or executed

Synonyms for deft

skillful in physical movements

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Having said that, his resignation is a deft political move.
Active since 1938, Irvine, California-based Deft with 140 employees, has a portfolio including waterborne structural primers, chrome-free primers and topcoats aimed at the the aerospace and the general industrial sectors.
Like chromates, the rare earth compounds in the Deft primers are known corrosion inhibitors, but, when incorporated into primers by themselves, do not migrate on their own to heal damaged areas as do the chromates.
Two clifftop dwellings were premiated in recent AR Awards cycles (AR December 2001 and December 2003), both essays in deft spatial organisation and thoughtful use of materials, intended to evoke the spirit of pre-Colombian and colonial houses anchored in the land.
In Ojikutu's deft hands, though, even the most despicable character can be understood to some degree.
It is the deft interweaving of Monaghan's nature motifs and Goddess imagery, her insightful writings and inspiring poetry, that have made "Seasons Of The Witch" an essential and highly recommended resource for students of Metaphysical Studies in general, and Goddess worship in particular.
Rendell's deft characterization, dialogue and atmospheric description are masterful, and British narrator Lee's flawless, fully voiced reading is perfect.
First presented at ADF's International Choreographers Commissioning Program in 2001, the work's deft, earthy dancing, combined with cigarettes, grapes, and a wind-up flying pig, made for a delightful meander through the intricacies of the human condition.
Dropping In On Grant Wood is very strongly recommended for all young readers with high interest in art and art history for its deft combination of articulate authorship and wonderful illustrations.
packages, varieties include: Oven Roasted Deft Turkey, Smoked Deli Turkey, Honey Deli Turkey, Honey Deft Ham, Cooked Deli Ham and Smoked Deli Ham.
Producer Mark Nevers shows a deft hand with well-chosen standards (Merle Haggard's "You Don't Have Very Far To Go" and Charlie Rich's "You Never Really Wanted Me"), four tracks written by Staton herself (the biting "In Name Only" is a standout), and the Will Oldham-penned title cut that allows Staton's return to expand far past easy survivor cliche into the realm of the triumphant.
Documenting Brandon Noonan as a skillfully original novelist, Plenty Porter is very highly recommended reading for those who appreciate the combination of deft authorship and timeless values.
Yet he also discusses success stories, such as Johnson & Johnson's deft handling of the Tylenol scare in 1982.
Faced with such deft deployment of indeterminacy, one wonders whether something more than a blind spot for bathos led Irvine to film four of the gallery's employees sitting together in a bare room while reciting more agonized journal fragments, as if they were the stranded exploration team.