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Synonyms for deft

Synonyms for deft

showing art or skill in performing or doing

exhibiting or possessing skill and ease in performance

well done or executed

Synonyms for deft

skillful in physical movements

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Having said that, his resignation is a deft political move.
Active since 1938, Irvine, California-based Deft with 140 employees, has a portfolio including waterborne structural primers, chrome-free primers and topcoats aimed at the the aerospace and the general industrial sectors.
But while "drinkability" is a given for light beers, it requires a deft hand to make a 6.8% abv biere de garde so absurdly quaffable.
A lesser-known fact, however, is that dogs are also deft paper shredders.
TRANSPORT experts have blamed the "deft hand of the Treasury" for the Government's reluctance to consider high-speed rail.
Enter Deft's Benign, Corrosion Inhibiting Aircraft Primers 02GN083, 02GN084, and 44GN098, developed by Eric Morris and Richard Albers at Deft, Inc., Irvine, Calif., and James Stoffer and Thomas O'Keef at the Univ.
A 'must' for the legions of Larry Niven fans, "The Draco Tavern" is very highly recommended listening for both the entertainment values of the individual stories, as well as the deft use of a science fiction format to address some of the universal questions of life in our universe.
In Ojikutu's deft hands, though, even the most despicable character can be understood to some degree.
Two clifftop dwellings were premiated in recent AR Awards cycles (AR December 2001 and December 2003), both essays in deft spatial organisation and thoughtful use of materials, intended to evoke the spirit of pre-Colombian and colonial houses anchored in the land.
It is the deft interweaving of Monaghan's nature motifs and Goddess imagery, her insightful writings and inspiring poetry, that have made "Seasons Of The Witch" an essential and highly recommended resource for students of Metaphysical Studies in general, and Goddess worship in particular.
Rendell's deft characterization, dialogue and atmospheric description are masterful, and British narrator Lee's flawless, fully voiced reading is perfect.
A deft turn in the box and a rattle of the crossbar, followed by sublime assists for goals from Louis Saha and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer against Wigan, announced that Rooney was back.
First presented at ADF's International Choreographers Commissioning Program in 2001, the work's deft, earthy dancing, combined with cigarettes, grapes, and a wind-up flying pig, made for a delightful meander through the intricacies of the human condition.
Dropping In On Grant Wood is very strongly recommended for all young readers with high interest in art and art history for its deft combination of articulate authorship and wonderful illustrations.
packages, varieties include: Oven Roasted Deft Turkey, Smoked Deli Turkey, Honey Deli Turkey, Honey Deft Ham, Cooked Deli Ham and Smoked Deli Ham.