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  • verb

Synonyms for defrost



  • freeze (up)
  • frost
  • ice over or up

Synonyms for defrost

make or become free of frost or ice

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It will be used to fund joint research by Frigesco and heat pump specialist Glen Dimplex to develop flash defrost technology for application in ASHPs, themselves a clean-tech for sustainable heating and cooling, with major growth potential due to their exceptional efficiency.
AS temperatures plummet police are warning Teesside drivers not to leave their vehicles to defrost unattended.
After 2 hours of operation, under this level of frosting the thermosiphon was not able to defrost the air evaporators.
For frozen meat product manufacturers, CFS offers a way to defrost bulk raw materials without purge, thus putting an end to costly drip loss associated with thawing blocks of meat in preparation for further processing.
The addition of the snow removal system meant the line could run for 22 hours between defrosts.
The Density of the metal directly affects the weight of the heat exchanger, and when multiplied by the Specific Heat Capacity the product indicates the amount of energy required to heat up and cool down the heat exchanger during a defrost cycle.
The revolutionary defrost systems ensure full visibility by minimizing frost build-up on the door panels.
This did not seem to make them more wary that that last cup of tea in the morning while the car defrosts could leave them out in the cold," the report says.
The demand defrost feature automatically senses the optimal time for defrost and prevents unnecessary and costly defrosts.
Crime prevention officers at Cleveland Police are urging people to consider leaving earlier for their journey and staying with the car as it defrosts rather than going back into the house to continue getting ready.
In many newer refrigerator models, the freezer automatically defrosts.
The timespan between defrosts depends on usage and model, but a general rule of thumb is to defrost when the ice thickness gets to 5mm.
BE CAREFUL: Scrape the ice off your car; don't leave it while it defrosts because it could get stolen
This quickly defrosts the evaporator while still maintaining the rest of the freezer below freezing point.
WAITER: There's a fly on my mushroom; MANE MEAL: Lion guards dead zebra foal; JAWSOME: Grey reef shark snapped by Tobias gliding gracefully in the South Pacific; MATING GAME: A grebe falling in love; BUFFALO CHILL: A bison defrosts in the US; BIRDS OF A FEATHER: Swarm of starlings stick together as they fly in to roost in Spain