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  • verb

Synonyms for defrost



  • freeze (up)
  • frost
  • ice over or up

Synonyms for defrost

make or become free of frost or ice

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Defrosting foods in microwave ovens often dries out food and sometimes cooks foods around the edges.
For any method of defrosting, the refrigerating effect must essentially be stopped.
With the sequential defrost the total needed refrigeration capacity of the system is diverted to several smaller and individual air coolers, making for up to 144 hours of production time before general defrosting is needed.
The pressure terminate clock has the disadvantage listed for the suction pressure "off cycle" defrosting where low temperature ambients are experienced at the condensing unit or suction lines.
Police said people should be aware of their surroundings when defrosting vehicles and never leave their cars unattended.
Power freezing reportedly quick-freezes foods and power defrosting accelerates that process to 20 minutes.
In open publications, we rarely find a comprehensive study on a real heat-pump product in heating mode with varying multiple operating parameters; for the existing studies, researchers were inclined to study the effect of a single variable (charge, ambient temperature, etc.) on a single performance output (COP, defrosting degradation, etc.).
Giblets should also be removed, and great care taken when disposing of the defrosting juices.
In preparing bulk frozen red meat and poultry blocks for further processing, the first step is defrosting. In most cases this is performed by placing the blocks on racks in a defrosting room where air is circulated at high velocity.
A manually defrosting freezer takes less energy than an automatically defrosting one, but you need to defrost regularly because if the cooling coils are covered in ice, then they have to work harder to chill the air.
So quality will usually be the main concern for a manufacturer when it decides whether to advise defrosting before cooking, or not.
AFTER defrosting your freezer, dry the inside well then apply a thin layer of glycerine to all internal surfaces.
PEOPLE have warned not to leave their cars running while defrosting them after the second vehicle in two days was stolen from Water Orton.
The AlphaM and AlphaEM chiller units use Rl34a refrigerant and an off-cycle defrost system, while the AlphaL and AlphaEL freezer units employ R404A and have full reverse cycle defrosting. All units have a low profile condenser cover of polyethylene, which is both lightweight and corrosion resistant, with a plastic covered evaporator for hygiene and durability.
Make sure it's operating at full efficiency by defrosting. Also, if you're having leftovers from the freezer, defrost the food in the fridge overnight.