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heater that removes ice or frost (as from a windshield or a refrigerator or the wings of an airplane)

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If the engine runs just slightly rougher when the defroster is turned on, that could simply be because the defroster uses the air conditioner.
High back luxury reclining seats, with seat belts, YC Euro II engine with 162hp and 5,200cc, ZF transmission, air suspension, WABCO ABS + auto slack adjuster, pneumatic out-swing passenger door, folding curtains, sealed side windows, two sides inner luggage racks, reversing monitor, television, radio+CD player, drinking water cooler, auto-type rear view mirror, and 22,000W air-conditioner with defroster are among the features.
A blast of hot air from the vehicle's defroster will send your windshield to an early grave.
For example, rather than just taking input from wheel, body and powertrain sensors for all-wheel-drive engagement, they've developed a system called Climate Trac that also utilizes inputs from the windshield wiper and rear-window defroster to determine whether a system should be fully engaged.
The new RTV1100 with Premium Grand Cab is the first-available utility vehicle engineered for all-weather protection and comfort with a factory-installed cab, standard air conditioning, heater and defroster.
After sliding off the road several times, getting stuck in a ditch, and scraping the ice off my windshield a hundred times so I could see 10 feet in front of me--the defroster was on the blink--I finally made it to her place in Capitol Hill, whereupon she greeted me with a hit of microdot acid.
Following an audit of water use, many changes were made, including fitting manual triggers to hoses on filleting lines, investing in a high-efficiency air defroster in place of a water spray system and installing water meters for monitoring usage.
Air defroster (ADF) technology--a shockwave of pressurized air removes frost from the face of the coil.
Be sure wiper blades and defroster are in good condition.
British-spec SRT-10s will feature a full-length truck bed tonneau cover, 22-inch alloy wheels, leather heated seats, side airbags and a rear window defroster.
One innovation developed nearly a quarter century ago that remains an efficient option by FMC FoodTech today is air defroster, or ADF, technology, which sends a quick shockwave of pressurized air to blow off the inlet face of the coil and remove frost.
It is suited for post finishers, interior door handles, air vents, and defroster strips.
At the same time, the vehicle's heater and defroster fans are automatically activated by the pre-heater.
For interior applications, the new family of materials can be used for instrument panel toppers, defroster grilles, consoles, HVAC ducts, and door trim.
This car had a heater, a defroster electrically operated and could drive about 50 miles per hour.