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  • verb

Synonyms for defrost



  • freeze (up)
  • frost
  • ice over or up

Synonyms for defrost

make or become free of frost or ice

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This potential for high heat loads during and immediately after defrost periods explains why there can be air temperature increase (if other coils not being defrosted cannot cope with the temporarily high load) and/or extra compressor duty during defrost periods.
So if you make sure that your turkey is defrosted safely and in good time, you can enjoy your meal happily and safely."
But CAS frozen oysters can be stored for two years and when defrosted have a texture, aroma and flavor that would lead even a gourmand to believe the oysters were fresh.
Other freezers must be defrosted and cleaned after 6 or 10 hours of freezing.
* If you've defrosted meat, poultry, egg casseroles, or fish in the microwave, cook it immediately.
9.DON'T rush food defrosting, make sure things are defrosted properly overnight in the fridge.
The refrigerator cases and freezers were fast defrosting (middle of summer); I overheard a customer ask the manager if he was going to put on an emergency sale to get rid of the frozen foods before they became totally defrosted and unfit for sale.
Ideally a turkey should be defrosted in the fridge, but if space does not allow this, defrost in as cool a space as possible.
It was then imported frozen to Iceland, where it was defrosted, headed, filleted, boned, trimmed, salted and packed before being despatched to the EU with papers claiming it originated in Iceland.
Beacon's Smart Defrost technology actually senses frost accumulation and projects whether the system will need to be defrosted again before its next programmed defrost.
Employing electric heaters can consume one kilowatthour per day per linear foot of display case defrosted, or as much as 25 percent of all display case energy.
That means two can always be running while the third is defrosted. (Usually, the first operational set of coils in a tunnel will catch most of the frost.)
According to NHS LiveWell,if you buy a frozen turkey, make sure it's properly defrosted before cooking.
CAR thieves struck as a motorist defrosted his windscreen outside his home.
All round cakes are available as single 1 x 14ptn cakes with a 5 day defrosted shelf life when kept under a cake dome, for maximum versatility and to help caterers keep costs down.