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divest of the frock


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McCarrick, 88, who resigned from the Vatican's College of Cardinals in July, is the first cardinal ever to be defrocked for sex abuse.
Then he led the diplomatic mission of the Vatican in the Dominican Republic, where he was accused of child abuse and was defrocked.
The leader of Catholics in England and Wales said: "He pushed forward a fast-track to defrock priests who commit abuse.
A priest can be laicized by his request or by penalty; the term defrock is usually used in the latter case.
Delisle, a spokesman for the diocese, said that Bishop McManus has asked Pope Benedict XVI to defrock Rev.
Prak Sophorth, deputy head of the provincial Cults and Religion Department, said his office had concluded work on the case after a committee of monks decided to defrock Vanna.
Washington, Apr 10(ANI): Newly surfaced public documents have revealed that the current Pope Benedict XVI, then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was reluctant in the 1980s to defrock a California priest sentenced to probation for molesting young boys.
An episode during his stint as cabinet minister when he threatened to "defrock and debar" a judge illustrates the apparently cozy relationship between politicians and judges in Canada.
Canon law expert Archdeacon Harry Huskins of the diocese of Algoma said that the Anglican church is reluctant to defrock a priest, a decision which can be appealed or misused.
Roman Catholic bishops in the US should ask the Vatican to defrock any priest caught sexually abusing a child in the future, a church panel said yesterday.
The deputy director of the provincial Cults and Religion Department, Prak Sophorth, said the committee of monks decided to defrock Vanna at 1:15pm on Tuesday, after they had investigated and questioned him since Monday.
Under the diocesan canons, a bishop may not defrock a priest.
At the meeting of the Holy Synod on Wednesday where the decision to defrock Stylianos was taken in the wake of the uproar surrounding Frantzi's death, Nikiforos gave the rest of the bishops a letter complaining about the leakage and calling for a probe into who was behind it.
'The monk committee will discuss whether to fine him, or defrock him.'
The bishops must defrock known homosexual priests, and any who are convicted of sexual molestation.