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memory access to the computer disk on which information is stored

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The move parameter sets the success ratio at which the units attempt to defragment time.
The deluge of docs lets us defragment the consequences of globalization, climate change and mass consumption, carefully regard our mistakes and inventions, and evolve based on the things we've seen.
One limitation is that the user cannot defragment the hard disk partition where the PFs are stored.
"The caller then shows them the usual error on the event log and then run a defragment programme which everyone can run.
It is working with Constructing Excellence, BRE, the Homes and Communities Agency, local authorities and the region's new Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to try and defragment the construction industry and share best practice.
Israel has also worked hard to defragment any sense of political or national cohesion, through many creative means, separation walls notwithstanding.
In particular, it aims to defragment the European sky by creating functional airspace blocks' (FABs), whose implementation will make it possible for the definition of routes and the supply of air control services to be no longer limited by national borders.
Why do I have to know how to defragment a disc or download new anti-spy software?
Becoming a healthier nation requires a grassroots industrywide effort by every key stakeholder to engage consumers in their health and defragment care.
Loading data into a defragmented environment not only improves load times but reduces the amount of disk thrashing necessary to manipulate the data and the amount of work that is necessary to later defragment the database.
We need to defragment all the different services and put them under one banner, for the good of racing.
(Puny Verse at Tea?) The commentaries or course descriptions try to unearth some logic in the rubble, to 'defragment' it as it were, and to give clues if you have difficulty with any of them.
Elimination of federal boutique fuel requirements (Clean Air Act)--there are about 17 marginally different fuels--would help defragment the U.S.
According to the company, EZ Manage SQL automates typical administration tasks including defragment and re-indexing, backup and restore, and compression.
The first will remove temporary files that weren't removed when programs shut down, and the second will defragment your hard drive.