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Synonyms for deformation

Synonyms for deformation

a change for the worse

alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object as a result of the application of stress to it

the act of twisting or deforming the shape of something (e


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In this study CW, simultaneous EB, and SQ deformation modes were applied to simulate industrial forming conditions at nominal strain rates of 4, 8, and 16 [s.sup.-1].
The gauge length was 55 mm and the deformation rate was 1 mm/min.
Results of the study indicated that by the year 2100, the northern delta will be submerged by 2,660 sqkm of seawater and the lives and livelihoods of nearly 5.7 million people will be affected if the extracted deformation rates persist.
The rock mass deformation modulus is used as one of the important parameter in numerical modeling and assessment of the pre-failure mechanical behavior of the rock mass (Jiayi Shen et al.
The objective of this study is to investigate the high-temperature deformation behavior and deformation mechanism of BT25y alloy.
Based on the solutions provided by Salustowicz (1953) and Litwiniszyn (1953), Budryk (1953) proved that the maximum value for horizontal deformation [[epsilon].sub.max] for the flat issue (so-called: infinite semi-plane) can be described with the following formula:
In this paper, we proposed an adaptive diffeomorphic multiresolution demons algorithm and used an optimized framework with nonrigid registration and the diffeomorphic deformation strategy.
Previous studies have used multi-sensor SAR images from ERS, ENVISAT, ALOS, and Cosmo-SkyMed (CSK) satellites to obtain a 20-year (1992-2012) deformation map over the area [15-17].
The deformation of the reinforced retaining wall is affected by many factors, not only its wall structure and filling material, but also the properties of the reinforced material [3].
Meanwhile, the swelling rock is less likely to lead to lateral deformation resulting from the confinement of the lateral confined steel loop during the conventional swelling test of consolidation equipment, and it will not produce any yield failure no matter how big the vertical load is, so this kind of test cannot check the failure mode of swelling rock during the action of load.
The main issue related to the design of this type of antennas consists in the control of the radiation pattern that results significantly altered as a consequence of the array deformation. In order to overcome this problem, many different pattern recovery approaches can be adopted, from very accurate and expensive ones to cheaper and simpler ones.
Malinowska discussed the influences of continuous surface deformation on buried pipelines and analyzed the potential risks of buried pipelines during mining subsidence based on GIS (geographic information system) to understand the effect of mining subsidence on buried pipelines [13, 14].
The above-cited references indicate that the purpose of the 3D structures placed between two metal plates is to convert the energy of explosion into the energy of deformation of the 3D structures.
TSA Design Validation" section, the text reading "The maximum deformation with the maximum load of 80 N is [DELTA][X.sub.max] [??] 1.08 * [10.sup.-4] m indicating the compliant frame deformation is within the goal working region [DELTA]d < 0.12 mm and can be considered linear." should be corrected as follows.
The 3D ground deformation can now be determined by integrating the InSAR-derived LOS measurements with offset-tracking or multiaperture InSAR-derived azimuth measurements from cross-heading orbits (i.e., ascending and descending tracks) [17-22].