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remove the trees from

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About 6.5 percent of the deforested area in the Amazon is used for agriculture, but the contribution of soybeans to that has decreased over time.
On Friday, the reporter saw many already deforested areas that were burned, apparently by people clearing farmland, as well as a large column of smoke billowing from one fire.
According to initial reports from the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) in Zamboanga, the frontline unit of DENR, the video of the deforested portion was believed to be the site preparation of SODACO, one of the two firms suspended by Cimatu.
He added that, after watching a five-minute video of the deforested portion of the Zamboanga mountain range, Duterte immediately directed Cimatu to implement the closure order.
Cancel appointments to get nails done, tan sprayed, and legs deforested.
Summary: Forest rangers in Fang, Chiang Mai have secured an area of 1,000 rai that has been illegally deforested and used by businesses and locals in the area.
Due to impracticability of ground based methods, satellite RS based imageries were considered better option for assessment of deforested areas.
According to the figures made public by the Brazilian Environment Ministry on World Environment Day, a total of 4,571 square kilometres were deforested in the Amazon from August 2011-July 2012, the lowest such figure since regular monitoring started in 1988.
However, it will also underwrite projects funded by the likes of the Department for International Development to plant trees on what is known as marginal deforested land.
And two Michigan girl scouts were shocked to find out the cookies they were selling contained palm oil obtained from deforested land in Indonesia.
She was left lying on the road in the town of Anapu in Para, a state where loggers and ranchers have deforested huge sections of the world's largest rain forest.
Agroforestry experts say over 98% of Haiti is deforested, making it susceptible flooding, deadly mudslides and polluted drinking water.
The aim of the present study was to assess and compare the annual input and transport of litter in two different areas of a tropical stream: one area shaded by the presence of a dense gallery forest and the other, located downstream from the first, deforested and with scattered herbaceous vegetation.
Sumatran eruption deforested India: A volcanic eruption that may have almost wiped out the human race deforested much of India, according to new research.