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an insect that strips the leaves from plants

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Parasitoid assemblages of soybean defoliator Lepidoptera in north-western Buenos Aires province, Argentina.
Among the top finds were the seed eater Bootanelleus orientalis, which is host specific to Australian pine, and a defoliator moth, Zauclophora pelodes.
Their beet machinery line includes the Wic 6-foot and 8-row beet lifters, and a Wic 12-row defoliator.
The larvae of this moth feed on the leaves of the teak tree, Tectona grandis, hence the commonly applied name of Teak Defoliator moth.
Foresters used the insecticide to control Western spruce budworm, a voracious defoliator of Douglas fir.
Egged on by a snowboard-mad other half and kids, I've finally promised (temporarily, I expect) to give up the security of my parallel skis in favour of what appears to be a rear-end defoliator called a snowboard.
Anyone who tends a postage-stamp patch of urban grass or an elaborate rural vegetable garden is certain to encounter this odious mollusk and ravenous defoliator.
Species richness and fluctuation of defoliator Lepidoptera populations in Brazilian plantations of Eucalyptus grandis as affected by plant age and weather factors.
Dendroecological analysis of defoliator outbreaks on Nothofagus pumilio and their relation to climate variability in the Patagonian Andes.
Specific pheromones defoliator Tortrix viridana BUC 96
In March 2012, in a commercial cassava plantation (cultivate 'Baianinha'), the outbreak of a lepidopteran defoliator was observed in the municipality of Angelica, MS, Brazil, which is located at 22[degrees]14'26"S of latitude, 75[degrees]43'85"W of longitude and 320m of altitude.
It is a defoliator of Isobelinia doka, a shrub found in Jos East, Jos North and Bassa Local Government Areas of Plateau State, Nigeria.