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Synonyms for defoliate

strip the leaves or branches from

deprived of leaves


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When we analyzed each treatment separately, the defoliating lepidopterous larvae exhibited a higher predation rate than non-pest insects.
To impose defoliation at the level of individual branches, we added defoliating larvae only to the virus transmission bags.
The aim of this study was to identify the lepidopteran species whose larvae were found defoliating trees of A.
GP-279, PI 614894) soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] germplasm was released July 2000 by the Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture to provide resistance to defoliating insects and improved agronomic performance in the southeastern USA.
The project is expected to begin in September, in a province where the charity also does work to help children born with cleft palates because of Agent Orange, the defoliating chemical sprayed by the US during the Vietnam War.
I manipulated resource levels by partially defoliating branches.
The most recently evolved group consists of the leaf-cutting species, infamous for defoliating 20 percent of the tropical forests in the Western Hemisphere.
Tiny critters from the soil are being harnessed to prevent other tiny critters from defoliating vast areas of northeastern hardwood forests.
So every spring, before the caterpillars begin defoliating trees, entomologists venture out to forest plots to test their latest weapons against the critters, hoping to prevent the damage moths can do if left unchecked.
An epidemiologic study of military veterans for the first time strongly links health problems with exposure to dioxintainted defoliating herbicides--including Agent Orange -- used in Vietnam.