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(HCIL) has introduced new variants of Honda Brio with key upgrades which include a Driver Seat Height Adjuster to enhance the overall driving comfort and a Rear Windshield Defogger as an additional safety feature.
The collection features premium options in LED lighting, mirror defogger and discreetly flush-mounted electrical outlets.
Turn off all high-load electrical accessories such as the air conditioning, heater fan and rear window defogger, and drive to the nearest shop.
Some of the energy collected also might be applied to prevent snow and ice buildup in northern climates via resistance heating similar to a car's rear window defogger. The panels would be mounted on existing roadway surfaces and composed of materials that maximize use of recyclables.
It also has a feature of keyless entry, central locking system, rear defogger, electronic power steering and an immobilizer too.
In the Explorers' master bath, the mirrored doors of the Robern medicine cabinets slide up to reveal outlets, a defogger control, and an ultra-slim television.
Last, Omron manufactures electronic control units and other controllers for applications such as daytime running lights, and rear wiper and defogger timer controllers.
The DK90's full features can also be found in the operator cab, which has standard AM/FM radio, CD player, iPod/MP3 player capability, rear defogger, power outlet, front and rear wipers, headlights, safety lights, hand/foot throttle, deluxe suspension seat and air conditioning.
Similar to a car's electric rear-window defogger but much more efficient, the heating elements keep the shelves at a constant temperature without drying out the product.
Superwipes conceives, designs and formulates unique cosmetic and all-purpose products from organic materials targeting a variety of applications including fingernail polish remover, make-up remover, sneaker cleaner wipes, instant shoe shine wipes, acne treatment wipes, eye glass cleaner and defogger wipes, car interior leather cleaning pads and Vitamin E applicators.
All come with a list of standard features including air conditioning, electric rear defogger, CD player, driver information center and a split-bench rear seat with a pass-through to the trunk area.
It has a series that runs off stove heat, and also makes heaters and a defogger.
Reliability -- Do features such as front and side air bags, battery rundown protection, lock-out protection, rear window defogger, engine block heater (in cold climate regions), all season tires, etc.
IST has announced the availability of the SUSIE endoscope defogger. SUSIE easily attaches to the endoscope about 15 minutes before the procedure begins, and provides continuous defogging for six hours or more after a single application.