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an act that despoils the innocence or beauty of something

the act of depriving a woman of her virginity (especially by rupturing the hymen through sexual intercourse)

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The hypothesis of Charles's duplicity is best tested against the two most critical moments after the defloration, the moments of Charles's departure and Charles's reappearance.
84) Matrimony alone sacralized a woman's defloration,
Such forced defloration was a relatively common bed trick in the erotica of the time, and would likely not have seemed particularly violent to eighteenth-century readers, especially as many women in erotica were punished much more graphically.
Dans la plupart des dossiers qui m'ont ete soumis, ce sont les familles qui renoncent, de leur propre chef, aux poursuites judiciaires contre l'agresseur, une fois assurees qu'il n'y a pas eu de defloration, de crainte, soi-disant, d'entacher l'honneur de la famille et de detruire l'avenir de l'enfant".
Gonzalo never existed, but I've seen him in processions with priests and the whole bit, and women calmly singing obscenities behind him; he's the saint of defloration and consolation for lonely women
A later phase in the development of the female, the vengeful reaction to the narcissistic injury of defloration, is perhaps better suited to act as a digestive for the bitterly denied "penis envy," possibly Freud's most controversial formulation.
Part 5 features studies of moral crimes in the courts (Elena Brambilla, Daniela Lombardi) and the relationship between seduction and defloration (Giorgia Alessi).
Add to this incongruity the actual sheep elsewhere in the field just after we have heard Faure's "Agnus Dei" accompanying the defloration of Isabelle and we have a concatenation of associations that, as so often in Godard, are extremely funny in their surface absurdity but which are also deeply moving in the allusive range of implications that all the images, both visual and aural, might have for us.
the defloration of Laureola by Leriano's surrogate, El Auctor, instead of his chivalric protection of her.
This murder scene reads like a rape or ritual defloration and may be committed in fear of the woman's reproductive capabilities, with the emphasis placed on the flow of blood suggesting the breaking of the hymen while death now makes her "barren .
15) Schmeling 1971, 348 surmises that the "cure" Quartilla seeks for her frigidity and Encolpius' impotence is "to see the Priapic ritual of defloration.
Therefore, according to Hopkins (193), as modern readers it strikes us as especially humorous that during his fit of anger at the news of his daughter's defloration, the vicar must be reminded of his own religious principles by his son Moses (Goldsmith 96-97).